Other Care group support

The Huon Valley Council’s NRM Unit can provide additional support to the Huon Valley volunteer Care group network. Support includes (flyer):

Landcare Tasmania Membership

Huon Valley Council’s (HVC) NRM Unit will pay Landcare Tas membership for all insured Care Groups. This provides support to groups for administration, information, governance, insurance, promotion, networking and funding opportunities.

Professional Advice, Weed Treatment and Native Plants

Ask your Council’s NRM Unit for advice on planning your next project. We can advise about threatened species, weeds and biosecurity risks throughout the Valley.

The Council’s NRM Unit can provide and pay for weed contractors via the grant application process or work with public tenure owners to negotiate on-going weed treatment work on your patch.

The Council’s NRM Unit also donates an annual plant order of native plants for revegetation purposes through our partnership with Kingborough Council’s volunteer nursery. These can be applied for on our website in spring ready for autumn plantings.


The NRM Unit holds a range of equipment for environmental volunteer Care Groups to utilise in conducting their activities. The items available include: brushcutters, secateurs, disposable face masks, safety vests and a washdown unit among many others. Care Groups can contact the Natural Resource Management Unit to request pick up of equipment.

The equipment is available thanks to a Volunteer Equipment Grant from the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs awarded to the Huon Valley Council in 2009.

Extra Help

If you need more people to complete a project or get some work done there are a number of options available. Contact the NRM Unit to discuss the best option to meet your needs.

Also, keep an eye out for grant opportunities from Huon Valley Council, Landcare Tasmania, NRM South and Huon Aquaculture, among others.