Huon Valley Care Groups

The Huon Valley Council allocates an amount of funding every year to support, maintain and advance the Huon Valley’s Care network. The network aims to protect and improve the ecological balance and water quality of the Huon region, and includes Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare, Rivercare, ‘Friends of’ and Waterwatch groups, as well as schools, community groups and individuals.

Huon Valley Care groups work across a variety of land tenures, including Council reserves, Crown land, private land and school grounds. Volunteers work together on projects such as weeding, planting, collecting and propagating native seeds, walking track construction and maintenance, water quality monitoring, community education, protection of Aboriginal heritage sites, and flora and fauna surveys. If you are interested in joining a Care group take a look at the map below or contact the Council’s NRM Unit who will put you in touch with a group in your area. Also, if you are part of a local school community ask them if they have a school landcare group you can join.

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