Huon Valley Care Groups

The Huon Valley Council allocates funding every year to support, maintain and advance the Huon Valley’s care network.

The network aims to protect and improve the ecological balance and water quality of the Huon region, and includes Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare, Rivercare, ‘Friends of’ and Waterwatch groups, as well as schools, community groups and individuals.

The groups work across a variety of land tenures, including council reserves, crown land, private land and school grounds. Volunteers work together on projects such as weeding, planting, collecting and propagating native seeds, walking track construction and maintenance, water quality monitoring, community education, protection of Aboriginal heritage sites, and flora and fauna surveys.

Other Care group support includes access to professional advice, native plants, equipment loans and an annual grant round of up to $4000 to support environmental projects.

Care Groups are often looking for new volunteers, if you are interested contact the group directly.

Abels Bay/Eggs and Bacon Bay Coastcare Group Inc

Castle Forbes Bay Landcare Group

Far south Coastcare

Franklin Landcare Group

Friends of Garden Island Creek   Website

Friends of Randalls Bay Coastcare

She Oak Hills Landcare

Gorse be Gone – Petcheys Bay

Kermandie River Landcare Group  – Geeveston Ducks

Petcheys Bay Anti-Gorse Association

Port Cygnet Land and Watercare

Reveg the Ridge – Russel Ridge Conservation Area

Silver Hill Road Group

Upper Huon Wildlife Monitoring Group

Can’t find a group near you? If you are interested in starting a new group contact Landcare Tasmania.


Please note that member groups provide contact details for those interested in their Landcare activities to get in touch. The collection or downloading of information for the purpose of mass communication or storage in a database is not permitted. If you have a message you’d like to communicate to the Care Group community, please contact us and we may be able to provide help.

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