The Council is responsible for statutory and strategic land use and development, including the assessment of applications for use and development on land and under the Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2015, and assessment of planning scheme amendments, subdivisions and strata schemes.

You can view current advertised planning applications on our live map.

Planning and building approvals

Planning approval and building approval are two separate processes.

Often a particular use or development of land may require approvals under both processes (which requires two applications).

Building work or Land Use

You may need a planning permit if you intend to:

  • Undertake building works;
  • make alterations to a building;
  • change the use of a building (such as from a house to a bed & breakfast);
  • undertake land clearing;
  • excavate land or place fill;
  • erect signage; or
  • make other modifications to a building or land.

You may also need a Building application permit.

Further information

Submitting Data to Council

To provide accessibility and convenience for different stakeholders, Council accepts receipt of information through a variety of channels, including over-the-counter submissions, postal mail, emails (specifically through the council’s dedicated email address), and through website portal requests.

Where a data package is too large to send via email please Zip the files and share via an online file transfer service such as iCloud or One Drive. To maintain information system security, Council is unable to accept over the counter physical file transfer via USB memory stick or CD.

Should you have issues in lodging digital information please contact Patty Johnson, Director People and Corporate Services via email or via phone 03 6264 0320.