Building and Plumbing

Building and Plumbing

From 1 January 2017, the Tasmanian government has introduced the new Building Act 2016 which regulates building and plumbing works.

The new Building Act takes a risk-based approach to building approvals so low risk building, plumbing and demolition work, and some medium risk work, can be done without seeking a building permit from the Council.

However, before lodging a building or plumbing application and before carrying out any works you will need to find out if you require planning approval.

What are my responsibilities under the Building Act?
The Building Act 2016, and the Building Regulations 2016, regulate building and plumbing work in Tasmania. These laws and codes apply to everyone who undertakes building and plumbing work.

For further information on these legislative changes and the Building Act 2016, please visit the CBOS (Consumer Building Occupational Services) website