Good Neighbours

What does being a good neighbour mean to you?

Is it asking your neighbour to keep an eye on your house while you’re away?

Is it leaving a bag of lemons from your tree on your neighbour’s front doorstep?

Is it checking on your neighbour because you haven’t seen them out and about for quite a while and you’re wondering if they’re okay?

Is it knowing your neighbour’s name and saying a quick hello when you see each other?

Connecting with our neighbours can have a profound effect on community health and wellbeing, as well as build strong resilient communities.

Good neighbours keep an eye out for people in their area, especially those who might be isolated or lonely. This could be an older person, a single parent, people that work away from their families or new residents in the area.

Good neighbours are often the first ones to help in an emergency.

Not only does feeling socially connected help with feelings of loneliness and experiences of social isolation, in emergencies such as floods or bushfires, local community networks, neighbours and friends can look out for and support each other.

Good Neighbour Calling Cards

If you don’t already know your neighbours, consider getting to know them before the next emergency. You can use a calling card to introduce yourself today.

Pick up a pack of cards from Council or download and print one.

Good neighbour calling cards (PDF,431KB)

Neighbourhood networks

The Huon Valley is well known for its caring close-knit communities. Many neighbourhoods have developed a way that they can share information with their local community.

If you are new to an area, ask your neighbours if they know of any local initiatives that connect people. It could be a Facebook group, Nextdoor, progress associations, notice board or a phone tree.

Some of the communication networks that we are aware of include:

Cygnet CommunityFacebook – private group
Dover | Southport | Far South Community GroupFacebook – private group
Franklin (Tasmania) Community Group Facebook – private group
GeevestonFacebook – public group
Judbury and the upper Huon TasmaniaFacebook – public group
Mountain River Community HubFacebook – private group
Pelverata Community & FriendsFacebook – public group
 Ranelagh Website
Surges Bay ResidentsFacebook – private group
Verona Sands Tasmania - Community GroupFacebook – public group

If there isn’t anything in your community, try chatting with your neighbours about what might work and give it a go.

Neighbour Day – 27 March

Neighbour Day has been connecting communities for 20 years, helping to address loneliness across Australia and build the communities we want to live in, one relationship at a time.

While Neighbour Day is officially celebrated on the last Sunday in March every year, every day can be Neighbour Day. Many people celebrate in the days and weeks in the lead up to 27 March, to help spread the neighbourly word.

Neighbour Day is a practical and effective way to help address loneliness across our communities.

Loneliness is detrimental to our overall wellbeing. Social connection and increasing sustainable respectful relationships is the key to better outcomes for individuals and communities alike.

Relationships Australia became the custodian of Neighbour Day in 2014 and the day has since grown into an ongoing, year-round social connection campaign that seeks to address loneliness across Australia.

Neighbourhood get-togethers

Most local areas have places or activities where residents can meet. Community halls, local markets and land care groups are examples of where you can get to know your neighbours and connect over local issues.

Council’s community grants program is always keen to support neighbourhood gatherings!

Check out the 2024 Neighbours Every Day Community Grants, applications Close 17 January 2024.

Connecting with others

Explore activities and groups in the region where you can connect with like-minded people.
Community group and activities are listed in the Huon Valley Local Directory.

Volunteering in your local community is also a great way to connect with others and give back to your local community at the same time.