Council Elections

Council elections are held every four years and all councillors, mayors and deputy mayors are elected for four-year terms.

Elections are usually held in October of each election year. The next local government elections are due in October 2018.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission is responsible for the supervision of local government elections. The Electoral Commission appoints returning officers to run the election.

Information regarding Becoming a Candidate


Council is made up of 9 councillors, including 1 mayor and 1 deputy mayor.
A full list of the candidates can be found on the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website.

Candidate questions

The candidate questions and answers can be found on our website here.
Download the Candidate Information and Enquiries Protocol

Voting system

Council elections are conducted by postal ballot.

All elections for councillor positions are required to be conducted by using a multi-member proportional representation electoral system. This is directly modelled on the Hare-Clarke system used for Tasmanian House of Assembly elections.

A feature of the Hare-Clarke electoral system is that vacant seats are filled by recount rather than by elections.

Under the postal ballot system there is a polling period of at least ten days (excluding any Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday), rather than a single polling day.


If you are currently on the State Electoral Roll for State and Federal Elections for your address in the Huon Valley Municipal Area you are automatically on the Local Government Roll.

To check your enrolment on the Electoral Roll please visit the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website at and click on the “Check Enrolment” button. An enrolment form can also be obtained from that website or by calling the AEC on 132 326 or from any post office.

You are also eligible to enrol on the “General Manager’s Roll” if you:


2018 Election Calendar

Thursday 9 August Commencement of “Relevant Period”
Saturday 8 September Notice of Election to be published
6:00 pm Thursday 13 September Electoral rolls close
10th – 24th September Nomination period
12 noon Monday 24 September Nominations close
12 noon Tuesday 25 September Announcement of Nominations
9th – 12th October Ballot material posted to electors
10:00 am 9th – 30th October Polling period
10:00 am Tuesday 30 October Close of Polling
30 Oct – 3 Nov Results released as available