Council Elections

Council is made up of 9 councillors, including 1 mayor and 1 deputy mayor.

Council elections are held every four years and all councillors, the mayor and deputy mayor are elected for four-year terms.

The next local government elections are due to be held across September and October 2022 commencing with publishing of the notice of election on 3 September, 2022.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission is responsible for the supervision of local government elections. The Electoral Commission appoints returning officers to run the election.


Prospective candidates are referred to the Electoral Commission 2022 Candidate Information handbook at:

A limited number of hard copy handbooks are also available from the Council’s Customer Service Centre at 40 Main Street, Huonville.

If prospective candidates have any questions for the Council during the election period they are referred to the process set out in the Council’s Election and Caretaker Period Policy, GOV-CORP 021  FINAL Election and Caretaker Period Policy GOV-Corp 021.pdf

Advertising and Election Signs

For State Government requirements on advertising and electoral signs please refer to page 14 to 20 of the Candidate Information Handbook.

There are also rules on where an electoral sign may and may not be placed as provided in By-laws and the Planning Scheme.

This information is available in the Electoral Signs Huon Valley Requirement document at the following link: Electoral Signage – Council requirements.pdf


2022 Election Timetable (key dates)

Notice of election to be published Saturday 3 September
Electoral rolls close at 6.00 pm Thursday 8 September
Nomination period 5 September – 19 September
Nominations close at 12 noon Monday 19 September
Nominations announced at 12 noon Tuesday 20 September
Ballot material posted to electors 3 – 7 October
Polling period 3 – 25 October
Close of poll at 2:00 pm Tuesday 25 October
Results released as available 26 October – 2 November

Voting system

Council elections are conducted by postal ballot.

All elections for councillor positions are required to be conducted by using a multi-member proportional representation electoral system. This is directly modelled on the Hare-Clarke system used for Tasmanian House of Assembly elections.

A feature of the Hare-Clarke electoral system is that vacant seats are filled by recount rather than by elections.

Under the postal ballot system there is a polling period rather than a single polling day.

Compulsory voting

For the first time voting at the 2022 Local Government elections is compulsory for all eligible electors on the State roll.

Please note that compulsory voting does not extend to electors on the General Manager’s (GM) roll.

New close time and results timeframe

The close of poll has been extended from the traditional 10am until 2pm on the close of poll day.

Given the planned compulsory voting education and election promotion campaign, this change will support the expected late surge in returned ballot packs and supplementary issuing on that final day, allowing electors that last chance to drop their ballot packs back to Councils over their lunch break.

Enrolment information

If you are currently on the State Electoral Roll for State and Federal Elections for your address in the Huon Valley Municipal Area you are automatically on the Local Government Roll.

To check your enrolment on the Electoral Roll please visit the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website at and click on the “Check Enrolment” button. An enrolment form can also be obtained from that website or by calling the AEC on 132 326 or from any post office.

You are also eligible to enrol on the “General Manager’s Roll” if you: