ARTBOX is a travelling exhibition space, promoting professional and emerging artists and makers and supporting community arts and culture projects in the Huon Valley.

Whilst providing a professional exhibition space, ARTBOX also provides opportunities for regional and remote communities in the Huon Valley to experience and engage with arts and culture.

Exhibiting your work in ARTBOX

Huon Valley Council is currently seeking Expressions of Interest for inclusion in the ARTBOX 2020 and 2021 Exhibition Calendar.

Applications that seek to engage with remote communities are encouraged. Preference will be given to artists, makers and producers based in, or working with or in the Huon Valley community.

To apply, complete and return an application form.

ARTBOX Conditions of Hire


More information
Huon Valley Council’s Arts and Culture Officer
T: 03 6264 0300
Street Address: 40 Main Street, Huonville
Postal Address: PO Box 210, Huonville TAS 7109

This program is supported by Tasmanian Community Fund, Bendigo Bank and managed by the Huon Valley Council’s Arts and Culture Program.

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This photographic series of six digital portrait-oriented triptychs displays a male and female figure in various Tasmanian bush settings. A scarlet ribbon forms a visual metaphor for connectedness in separation. Japanese tradition recognises the ‘red thread of fate’, stating that “the red thread should bind the pinkie fingers of those who are fated to one another”. This exhibition aims to explore the various aspects of intimate relationships – that disdain can share space with care and suffocation with love. See if you can fill the characters’ thoughts and construct the rest of the story by drawing on your own shared experiences.

In every life there is duality – anger and calm, love and hate, harmony and disharmony. Through it all is the flow of the soul. Through relationship with others we can view ourselves.

DATES – 30 July – 30 August

LOCATION – 23 Main Street, Huonville

The Red Thread of Fate – ARTBOX flyer



The Pilgrim Artists Festival is a small festival of art, music, and words held at the Huon Hub.

Pilgrim Artists are a group of artists from diverse Christian traditions. This year, the artists are taking the iconic 1st century Aramaic Prayer of Jesus (“the Lord’s Prayer”) as inspiration for their creative works, from oil paintings to lithographs to textiles, exploring themes from forgiveness to gratitude.

DATES – 23-26 July

LOCATION – 23 Main Street, Huonville

Pilgrim Artists Festival – ARTBOX flyer


neemiuah teggana nire (mother heart heal) is a special NAIDOC week exhibition, curated by Gemma O’Rourke, a sovereign melukerdee woman. Gemma feels privileged to present this ARTBOX exhibition as part of NAIDOC Heal Country 2021, featuring artworks from nuenonne, melukerdee, pinterraier and lyluequonny women from Tasmania.

To heal is to feel the wound, to acknowledge the pain and injustices, then with open-hearted intention and expanded consciousness to set authentic intention for regeneration and, recovery.

The pain that endures from a colonising program that had intention for genocide, pillage and plunder of peoples, land and resources is shared in a collective consciousness between Aboriginal and non-indigenous peoples. We are all intertwined and enmeshed in this healing as global human and earth ecologies cry out for remedy.

The wounds and harm inflicted upon Aboriginal Peoples are the same as those inflicted upon Country and those inflicted upon Country are in turn inflicted upon the People. They cannot be separated.

The wisdoms that know the land to be inextricably interconnected and interdependent with all sentient beings is now the subject matter of cutting-edge science exploration into Quantum Entanglement known to contemporary philosophers and scientists as ‘passion at a distance’.

From the ancient practice of basket weaving utilising traditional materials and methods with an infusion of contemporary skills, knowledge and media Bronwyn Dillon and Deb Cobern inspire healing with their culturally infused utilitarian and purely artistic creations. In the exquisitely delicate drawings and intuitively empathic works on paper of Cassie Sullivan and the large-scale paintings, photography and audio-visual work of Gemma O’Rourke we hear the echoing call across time and space for regeneration of the land, healing of Country and Sovereignty for Mother Earth and her People.

Curator: Gemma O’Rourke
Featured   Artists: Bronwyn Dillon, Deb Cobern, Cassie Sullivan, Gemma O’Rourke

NEEMIUAH TEGGANA NIRE – Mother Heart Heal – ARTBOX flyer


DATES – 5 May 2021 – 30 June 2021
LOCATION – Loongana Park, Cygnet

ARTBOX is back in Loongana Park in Cygnet! This time with an exhibition by Julie Moss, called “Works on Silk and Paper”.

Julie will be showcasing a variety of silk painting and textile works – including silk scarves and matching jewellery – depicting beautiful wild places, birds and animals of Australia, and places of Julie’s imagination.

Julie is an established mixed media artist, specialising in silk paintings and scarves.

Works on Silk and Paper – ARTBOX flyer


DATES – 31 March 2021 – 2 May 2021

LOCATION – Franklin Foreshore

Bob Frost has lived in The Huon Valley for the last 16 years and has seen it in all its moods. Always alert for the unexpected and the unusual, he always keeps his trusty camera under the seat of his car – just in case “that moment” presents itself.

Bob’s display in the Artbox will focus on this beautiful place. Animals and birds feature too as of course does the Huon Valley’s beautiful scenery.

You will see that his photos reflect catching a passing moment rather than a set piece setup.

Bob has been taking “snaps” for the last 64 years while travelling and working in many parts of the world. Alongside his up to date Nikon Coolpix P1000,
he still uses his very first camera – bought in Aden in 1957 – a Zeiss Ikon Contina.

Bob’s display will prompt visitors to the Artbox to choose their favourite picture. Someone will win their choice by way of draw taking place when the exhibition ends.

Reflections – ARTBOX flyer


Margie Kirk

27 February – 27 March 2021

Loongana Park, Cygnet

This exhibition is a collection of drawings Margie created to illustrate books. The first book is called Travelling Tasmanian Tigers and Margie is currently working on her second book, Quoll and Quill. Margie’s passion for drawing and native animals has come together to create uniquely Tasmanian books. Margie draws from her imagination to let the animals develop their own characteristics.

Margie’s medium is coloured pencils as she enjoys the intensity she achieves, as well as the textures by layering the colours.

Drawing and writing allows Margie to escape into a beautiful fantasy which takes her to a happy place. She would love to see that her work sparks interest in nature and Tasmanian wildlife, and may create the next generation of conservationists.

In Margie’s own words: “Welcome to my world of colour and fantasy! This is where I find myself lost in a world away from chaos and sadness. I am totally inspired by my surroundings, this unique island we all call home and all the creatures that also live her. I am also inspired by day to day people I meet and sometimes their characters come out in my work. It’s so exciting sitting down with sharpened pencils and blank paper to see where it takes you. I am so grateful that my passion for the environment and drawing can come together to create children’s books”.

Stay Hidden Stay Still –  ARTBOX flyer



DATES – 1 February 2021 – 24 February 2021

LOCATION – 20b Church St, Geeveston

Chosen as the inaugural theme, Inside Out reflects the unique advantage of the professional exhibition space that is ARTBOX. The visually striking, thought-provoking display is sure to draw many visitors to Geeveston throughout the month of February.

The theme is topical as it can also be seen as a response to current times when people are spending longer inside than out due to covid-19. The theme is to be regarded as a starting point and is expected to be broadly interpreted through materials or subject matter.

Featured Artists

Anna Arden – Wong –

Jo-Anne Bateman

Stephanie Bremer-Trainor –

Lisa Britzman –

Bronwyn Clarke –

Lysbeth Driessen –

Wendy Edwards –

Cassy Faux –

Grace Gladdish –

Ulrike Hora –

John Osborne

Marie Proctor –

Jennifer Raphael Bennett

Kat Scarlet –

Kellie Spicer –

Inside Out is curated by Henrietta Manning and supported by the Regional Arts Fund.


ARTBOX exhibition – Inside Out 2

Inside Out Media Release



Ruth Lindsell, Dover District School students, Kristie Knight

11 December – 27 January 2021
Huon Highway, Dover (adjacent to the Cenotaph)

The exhibition was assembled by Ruth Lindsell, artist in residence at Dover District School, students from Dover District School, and local guest photographer Kristie Knight.

Paul County, a local passionate, qualified and experienced educator and photographer captured the story behind this exhibition which can be viewed as a story on the Huon Valley Tas website.

ARTBOX exhibition – 100 stories 1


DATES – 12 November 2020 – 7 December 2020

LOCATION – 6 Church St, Geeveston

Seniors Tell Their Stories explores and shares the stories of senior community members living in townships around the Huon Valley.

Created as part of the Huon Beings digital arts program, the project celebrates and highlights the lives of our senior residents, providing a platform for them to express their connection and love for the Valley. The portraits were captured by local photographer Liv Rooney.

The Seniors Tell Their Stories exhibition will also be shared to the community on the Huon Valley Council Instagram account, and we encourage you to share your stories of life in the Valley using the hashtag #huonbeings.



DATES – 10 October 2020 – 8 November 2020

LOCATION – 25 Main Street, Huonville

 It will be difficult to describe my feelings at the sight of this solitary harbour situated at the extremities of the globe, so perfectly enclosed that one feels separated from the rest of the universe. Everything is influenced by the wilderness of the rugged landscape. With each step, one encounters the beauties of unspoilt nature.

……….Bruni d’Entrecasteaux 1792

Recherche. Say ruh-shair-shey

Or say choice, exquisite, inestimable, invaluable, priceless, prized, treasurable, valuable.

 My art practice and love of nature has its foundations in my childhood. Treasured memories of long summer camping/fishing trips with my family.  Then later as an adult living on an exquisite timber boat, held safe by the glowing varnished hull of celery top pine.  Choosing to learn to sail in the southern Tasmanian waters before venturing to the tropics. Prized walks in the south west.  And now living in a southern forest surrounded by nature, always birds close around and filling vistas of land and sea.

Those of us familiar with Australia’s most southerly all-weather anchorage can all easily imagine the awe that the French explorers felt on arrival in Recherche, and we hear Bruni d’Entrecasteaux speaking to us, telling us that what we see as familiar is of inestimable value, for all people and all time.

We have translated d’Entrecasteaux’s name into our language as ‘research’. Research requires careful noticing. But it is hard to notice small things, when we think we are familiar with what is in front of us?  I like to upscale birds to help our noticing, to show how exquisite they are, while precariously balancing other creatures to draw attention to the fact that all of their futures depends on us preserving what is, literally, priceless.

Instagram:        Wendyedwardsart



Recherche is curated by Henrietta Manning and supported by the Regional Arts Fund.

Instagram: henriettamanningartist

ARTBOX exhibition – Wendy Edwards – 2


Faces of the Huon is a community arts project that aims to uncover and celebrate stories of diversity and harmony in the southernmost part of Tasmania.

Created for Harmony Week (15–21 March) as part of the Huon Beings digital arts program, the exhibition is the culmination of a series of interviews with local residents from a variety of backgrounds.

DATES – 7 September 2020 – 8 October 2020

LOCATION – 25 Main Street, Huonville

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