Rates – How are my rates calculated

How are my rates calculated?

Council uses an equity-based system to charge municipal rates. Generally, the principle is that higher value properties pay a higher share of rates. All rates are calculated based on the Adjustment Capital Value (AdjCV) of a property which is determined by the State Government Valuation Division.

The AdjCV figure is then multiplied by the Rate in the Dollar.

For example:

Adj Capital Value of a property is $200,000
Rate in the Dollar is 0.0029075
$200,000 x 0.0029075 = $581.50 (General Rate)

How is my property valued?

Property values are determined by the State Government Valuer-General. Fresh revaluations occur every six years and in between revaluations, values are index adjusted every two years. The adjusted factor for the Huon Valley as from July 2019 has been determined by the Valuer-General. More information can be found on the valuation website.

How is the rate in the dollar determined?

The Rate in the Dollar is determined by dividing the total rate revenue required to fund Council’s projected operating budget by the total Capital Value of all rateable properties in the municipal area.