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Local artist lights up ‘heart and soul’ of the Valley

Installation artist Darren Lindsell of Ripples Art Farm, Petcheys Bay, was yesterday joined on the banks of the Huon River by a small group of community members for the launch of his creative response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Lindsell unveiled a stunning handmade heart, stuffed with kindling and ready to become a fiery floating display of warmth and hope. After an unsuccessful attempt to light the heart on the river, which resulted in the structure tipping sideways, an undeterred Mr Lindsell, his wife Ruth and helpers drew the heart back to the boat ramp for a semi-submerged ignition.

Taking place on 21 July during winter solstice, the installation symbolised a turning point in the COVID-19 crisis for our community. Physical distancing was observed by all as they watched the burning heart, together reflecting on the community spirit which is helping us through this difficult time.

Speaking about the project, Mr Lindsell said, “I love the Huon Valley, I think it’s an awesome place to live and to be a part of the HEARTFELT [community recovery] project, and to say ‘Hey look, we’re going to get through this. Here’s something big and bright and happy. It will get better and better’”.

The installation acknowledged and celebrated the Huon River as the heart and soul of the Valley, linking our communities and landscapes together as one.

Our Digital Arts Officer beautifully captured the project on film:

Supported through the Huon Valley Council Stronger Together Quick Response Grants program.