Huon Valley News

Creating flourishing and connected local food systems

The Huon Valley Food Hub Reference Group met this week to plan future activities and opportunities for the project. The gathering was held at the beautiful Campo De Flori olive grove in the high hills of Glen Huon.

An invitation is being extended to interested people who have ideas for food system related projects that tie into the food hub vision.

The vision being: to facilitate community, innovators and business to develop a model, a plan and a group of leaders for a vibrant and sustainable Food Hub in the Huon Valley. The Hub will support a connected local food system that contributes to the health, social, economic and environmental outcomes for the Huon Valley and the people who live, visit and work there.

The Huon Valley Food Hub is a Tasmanian first and a unique collaboration between community, food system innovators, citizens, business and local government. Dr Emily Samuels-Ballantyne, Food Hub Project Officer, said the end goal of the project is to develop a plan for a future Huon Valley Food Hub and a group of food leaders to make it happen.

“A vibrant and thriving Food Hub has the potential to make our local food system stronger and create social, health, economic and environmental benefits in the Huon Valley.”

If you have ideas that will help contribute to achieving a flourishing and connected food system for the Huon Valley then please get in touch. There will be co-design workshops to develop these ideas in Geeveston (13 April), Dover (14 April) and Cygnet (4 May).

For more information about the project and the workshops contact Emily via email or by phone 0421 447 968 or visit the Huon Valley Food Hub website.