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COVID-19 information

During the period of the COVID-19 emergency, all Council Meetings will be held electronically, with Councillors attending remotely and without the public present. Staff in attendance will be exercising social distancing and appropriate hygiene standards.

Council Meetings are to be focused on Urgent Matters only, such as:

  • Meeting Statutory Requirements including time frames where the role or function is not delegated to the General Manager
  • Matters that if delayed may have an impact on delivery of services, or agreements
  • Matters that are required to provide Council direction to ensure outcomes are not unnecessarily delayed by the emergency
  • Matters that are required to provide Council direction for external body decision-making, such as the LGAT or TasWater

Information Reports to Council will be limited to:

  • A monthly update report on actions under the COVID-19 Emergency
  • Minutes of Committee Meetings held (if any at all)

While Council meetings will focus on Urgent Matters, this includes continuation of as much business as normal to ensure that outcomes are not unnecessarily delayed by the emergency.

Public Question Time

To ensure there are opportunities for public participation:

  • Questions can be asked for public question time by presenting these in writing to Council by 12noon of the day of the meeting. All questions are to be submitted by following the link here.
  • Any questions asked and that can be answered at the meeting will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Questions may otherwise be taken on notice and responded to out of the Council meeting process.
  • Council will continue to audio record the meetings and make these recordings available as soon as possible after the Council meeting.
  • Council will also live stream and video record the meetings and will make the recording available for public viewing as soon as possible after the Council meeting.
  • Deputations to Council will be unavailable during this period.
  • Answers to questions lodged can be found in the Minutes or Public Question Time tab for the relevant month.

The COVID-19 emergency is ever-changing and this page will be updated as new information comes to hand. We recommend that you check back on a regular basis to stay up to date on when and how meetings will be held.

Meeting procedures

Scheduled council meetings run according to documented and regulated procedures

Meeting Dates

Meeting dates are normally set in December for the following year.

Agendas and reports

Council meeting agendas and associated reports and documents are available online or from the Council’s Customer Service Centre free of charge. This does not include attachments to planning reports or reports relating to matters to be discussed in closed council meetings.

Agendas and reports are available at least four days before an ordinary meeting.

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Minutes are usually available one week after a meeting but are subject to confirmation at the next ordinary meeting of the Council.

Minutes are available online free of charge. Hard copies of any extract from the minutes are also available for inspection and may be obtained from the Council’s Customer Service Centre at a cost of $1.45 for every five pages.



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The ordinary meetings of Council are scheduled to be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month (unless an alternative date is specified).


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