Huon Valley News

27 January Ordinary Council Meeting

Important notice

This afternoon, Council’s internet wire was accidentally cut by external contractors who were carrying out works on Main Street, Huonville.

Tonight’s Council Meeting live stream connection will run on a back-up line. The back-up line is not as reliable as our usual internet connection, so it may potentially drop out.

This means that if you are viewing the live stream from home, the video may be interrupted. Plus, the Councillors who are dialling in tonight may experience connection problems.

If the internet connection drops out and we are unable to resume the live steam, we will revert to an audio recording of this meeting. If this is the case, the audio recording will be published tomorrow on the Huon Valley Council website.

Tonight’s Ordinary Council Meeting will be live-streamed at 6pm on Youtube.

Visit to view the meeting live.

For more information please visit our Meetings, Agendas & Minutes page.