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Weed of the Month (July): Pampas Grass

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana and Cortaderia jubata) is a long-lived weed that can create a significant fire hazard when established in dense infestations.

Despite decades of control work, small infestations are still discovered every year throughout the Huon Valley. Two species of pampas grass occur in the Huon, and each can produce hundreds of thousands of fertile seeds each year. With seeds that can be blown over 25km away, undiscovered plants hiding in gullies or dense bush can quickly create new infestations.

Pampas seedling

In the Huon Valley, landowners are legally obliged to eradicate pampas grass plants growing on their property. If you think you have pampas grass on your property, contact Council’s Natural Resource Management Unit for advice on how to control it.

Have you seen it?

  • Large grass up to 3m in height, producing distinctive feathery flower heads on stalks that grow up to 6m long
  • Leaves are finely serrated on the edges, with a prominent central vein
  • Flowers can be white, pink or mauve, and are produced in autumn (white flowered species) or late summer (pink flowered species)
  • Small pampas seedlings can be identified by the curly dried leaves at the base of the plant

We need your help to eradicate this weed from the Huon Valley.

Please report local sightings to Council:
Weed Management Officer
(03) 6264 9439

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