Huon Valley News

Waste Metal Sculpting at Geeveston Reuse Shed

The team at the Reuse Shed in Geeveston are on a mission to get metal waste out of landfill and out of the bush. “If it’s metal, we take it! And as much as possible, find another home for it,” says John Drysdale, CEO JV Drysdale Engineering Pty Ltd.

John’s vision to start a sculpture park near the Reuse Shed, forming part of the Huon Valley Nature Walk from Port Huon to Geeveston, has recently been realised. Art Practitioner and Fine Arts student Rob Winter was selected to create the first metal sculpture using sustainable materials from the Drysdale Group.

In this video, John discusses the importance of being able to reuse discarded materials and Rob details his plans to use these materials to create a kraken!

Thank you, John, for the important work you are doing in this space, and all the best Rob for your project!