Huon Valley News

Waste management information

Huon Valley Council would like to clarify Waste Management arrangements during this difficult time.

Kerbside Collection services remain unchanged.

All four Waste Transfer Stations in Huonville, Geeveston, Dover and Cygnet are maintaining their normal opening hours.

Waste Management is considered an essential service and accordingly, residents are permitted to leave their homes in order to dispose of waste at our facilities.

EFTPOS facilities have been provided at the Dover, Cygnet and Huonville Waste Transfer Stations and we encourage customers to use their cards for payments at those locations.

EFTPOS is now also available at the Geeveston Waste Transfer Station. Please be patient – it is slow due to poor internet reception.

For residents who normally utilise our Waste Transfer Stations but are currently unable to deliver their waste or recycling, we encourage you to seek the assistance of friends or family, or one of the local rubbish contractors.

Council is aware of three contractors who provide rubbish removal/transport services in the region including:

  • Huon Rubbish Removal – 0418 376 891
  • Dave’s Rubbish Run – 0418 311 181
  • Reliable Rubbish Removals – 0410 750 058

Re-Use Shop closure

Council has made the difficult decision to close the Re-use Shop in Huonville so that we can focus our efforts on essential waste services. This means that it is no longer possible to make donations to the Re-use Shop or purchase items in the shop.

We encourage residents who have items which they would normally donate to keep the items at home for donation when normal operations resume.

Managing household waste

With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in people spending more time at home, we may see an increase in household waste.

Tips for managing your household waste include:

  • Compost your food and garden waste. This video ‘Crisis Gardening: Food Waste Composting‘ provides a good how-to
  • Collapse cardboard boxes, cans and packaging before placing them in bins
  • Keep unwanted household items, furniture or appliances until the Southbridge Re-use Shop reopens
  • Avoid single-use and disposable products and use reusable alternatives instead
  • Opt for products with minimal packaging
  • Take re-usable shopping bags to the shops
  • Put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on your letterbox
  • Roll aluminium foil into a ball and put it in the recycling bin
  • Repurpose takeaway containers and glass jars for food storage
  • Check out our Recycling Guidance Videos for tips on how to recycle right
  • Separate your cardboard and glass before bringing it to a Waste Transfer Station