Huon Valley News

Understanding community wellbeing as a Launch City

The Huon Valley Council is proud to announce that we’ve joined Neighbourlytics as one of nine Launch Cities around Australia.

From bushfires to COVID-19, the last 24 months have brought extraordinary challenges for our people.

That’s why we’re working with Neighbourlytics to build a baseline of wellbeing for our communities around the Valley, so we can understand and measure how well our communities are thriving.

The six-month Launch Cities program will provide us with rich digital data on how people engage with our communities, what people value in their lives, and why.

Using this information, we can strengthen our strategic planning to improve liveability in our public spaces and foster a sense of community.

The data will be used to support our:

  • Huon Valley Council Strategic Plan 2015–2025
  • Huon Valley Economic Development Strategy
  • Huon Valley Health & Wellbeing Strategy
  • Master planning and township development

Find out more about Launch Cities on the Neighbourlytics website.