Huon Valley News

Speed limit change to Pelverata Road

The speed limit for Pelverata Road within the Huon Valley Council area has been reduced to 60 kilometres an hour.

The new speed limit is a reduction from the previous speed limit of 80km/h on gravel sections of Pelverata Road and 70km/h through the Pelverata township.

The Commissioner for Transport recently approved the reduction.

New speed limit signs are being installed on Wednesday 31 May 2023. The new speed limit will apply as soon as the signs are in place.

Temporary ‘New speed limit ahead’ signs will also be installed to warn road users of the change.

What are the reasons for this decision?

Following a community petition calling for the speed limit to be reduced, Council undertook a road safety assessment and community consultation.

The assessment by Council Officers included using available industry standards and historical car crash data.

These tools demonstrated that reducing the speed limit on Pelverata Road would lower the risk to residents and road users with minimal impact on travel times.

A community consultation at Pelverata Hall on 20 September 2022 showed attendees were in favour of the speed limit reduction.