Huon Valley News

Skinners Creek Walking Track partial reopening

The Huon Valley Council is pleased to announce that the majority of the Skinners Creek Walking Track in Huonville is open again, where upgrade works are now complete.

You can now access the track via:

  • Knopwood Lane
  • Burwood Street
  • Flood Road walking track

One section of the track (shown below in green), including the Sale Street access point, will remain closed while the final works are completed.

The track renewal is part of the major Huonville Stormwater Upgrade project, which will increase the capacity of Huonville’s drainage system and allow it to handle extra flows during high rain events, supporting the long-term protection of low-lying areas and enabling more holistic stormwater management.

Any questions, please call (03) 6264 0300.

The section of track shown in green will remain closed while the works are finalised.