Tasmanian Planning Scheme

Update: February 2023

The Huon Valley Council agreed to endorse the report containing representations and recommendations made on the exhibited Draft Huon Valley Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) at its meeting on Wednesday 25 January 2023.

The report under Section 35F of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 has now been submitted to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for consideration.

Representors will have further opportunity to engage in the process and raise any concerns at the Commission’s public hearings. Representors and landowners are encouraged to review the Section 35F report in anticipation of the upcoming hearings. The Tasmanian Planning Commission will advise each representor regarding hearing dates.

Follow this link to find the Council meeting report and attachments, including Council’s position regarding each representation:

Attachments – OneDrive (sharepoint.com)

The Council received 415 representations throughout the exhibition period which raised several issues and concerns around the Draft LPS, particularly the application of the Landscape Conservation Zone and the Agriculture Zone.

Council has acknowledged that the Huon Valley has unique topography, land title structure (with a large proportion of lots between 1ha and 10ha in size), historical land use and a broad Valley landscape that makes application of the Landscape Conservation Zone difficult.

Part of the new council’s process for the progression of this report was the development of principles related to the application of the Landscape Conservation Zone and the Agricultural Zone. These principles can be viewed on pages 12, 13 and 20 of the section 35F report (link provided above) and will be put to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for consideration.

Flowchart of Draft Local Provisions Schedule Approval Process


Link to Full Draft Local Provisions Schedule Approval Process



The Tasmanian Government is reforming the State’s planning system by introducing a single planning scheme for the State – the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme comprises two parts:

  • The State Planning Provisions (SPPs), and
  • The Local Provisions Schedules (LPSs)

Further Information

In 2014 amendments were made to the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (LUPAA) that enabled the Council as a Planning Authority to commence the process of implementing the current planning scheme, the Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (Interim Planning Scheme) which became effective on 31 August 2015.

Further amendments were made to the LUPPA effective from 17 December 2015 for the introduction of a single planning scheme for the State – the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS). These amendments enabled the State Planning Provisions to be implemented and commenced in 2017.

Huon Valley draft Local Provisions Schedule, maps and overlays  (LPS)

The Council, as planning authority, is responsible for preparing the draft LPS for the Huon Valley municipal area.

The draft LPS includes zone and code provisions and overlay maps, local area objectives, particular purpose zones, specific area plans, site-specific qualifications, and other local planning provisions.

Current provisions of the LUPPA and some former provisions of the LUPPA that applied before 17 December 2015, apply to the draft LPS and its preparation and its content.

Structure and form of the LPS

The draft LPS is required to be in accordance with the structure and form set out in the Local Provisions Schedule Requirements (LP1.0) of the SPPs, Guideline No.1 – Local Provisions Schedule Zone and Code Application and relevant Practice Notes issued by the Commission.

Further information is set out below and also on the Commission website about these requirements.

Huon Valley Draft Local Provisions Schedule  (LPS-HUO-TPS)

At its meeting on 22 May 2019 the Planning Authority endorsed a previous version of the draft LPS. Following that decision, the former draft LPS was referred to the Commission for its consideration.

The Commission then arranged for post lodgment conferences to be held in 2019 with Council officers to discuss the draft LPS documentation and maps submitted to the Commission.

The agenda of these conferences are displayed on the Commission’s website. The most recent conference was held in January 2021.

The Council (as planning authority) endorsed a revised version of the draft Huon Valley Local Provisions Schedule (draft LPS) at its meeting on 19 May 2021.

In May 2021 after the meeting, the draft LPS, maps and overlays were sent to the Tasmanian Planning Commission (Commission).


Index – Appendices to the Draft LPS Supporting Report

11992Central Register Plan-Huon Valley Municipal Area (CPR-2469)
21996State Coastal Policy
31997State Water Quality Management Policy
41997Town Structure Plans for Townships (TBA Planners & Others)
51999HVC Minutes noting 1997 Land Use Town Strategies
62001Land Capability (Map 8211) - Derose Report
72001Land Capability Report - (Dispersive & Acidic soils)-Derose
82003Franklin Heritage Study (James Puustinen).
92003Franklin Township Plan - Inspiring Place
102007Council Minutes - Adoption of HVLUS (noting prior Township plans)
112007Huon Valley Land Use and Development Strategy (Exec Summary)(GHD)
122009Acid Sulfate Management Guidelines
132009Dispersive Soils and Management Technical Reference Manual
142009 Dispersive Soils and their Management -Guidelines
152009State Policy - Protection of Agricultural Land (PAL Policy)
162010Cygnet Township Plan - endorsed August 2010 (Inspiring Place)
172010Geeveston Masterplan (Terrior Consultants) 20.015
182010Tasmanian Coastal Works Manual
192010Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy 2010-2035
202010Tasmanian Open Space Policy and Planning Framework – Summary
212011Huonville-Ranelagh Structure Plan (Urbis)
222011Background STRLUS Reports - Project (No.1) & Land Hazards (No. 6)
232011Southern Tasmania Industrial Land Study – Stage 1, Final Report (SGS)
242011STRLUS - Background Report No. 7: Productive Resources
252012Franklin Heritage Area Assessment Study (G Corney)
262013Huon Heritage Review (Stage 1)- Existing Items (P Davies)
272013Southern Tas Industrial Land Strategy (Part 2)(SGS)-Final
282014Huon Valley Council 2014 Information Sheet Tunnel Erosion
302015Huon Valley Economic Development Strategy-2015-2020
312016Flood Report-Huonville -Submission - BOM
322016Heritage Park Geeveston Site Development Plan 15.006
332016Huon Valley NRM Strategy (17.058.16)
342016Summary of Regional Ecosystem Model-REM (Knight & Cullen)
352017Agricultural Land Mapping Project -Background Report
362017Huon River Flood Resilience Study Report - Entura 19.020
372017Ministerial Statement - Transitional arrangements -PPU
382018Bushfire-prone Areas Mapping-Planning Report-Huon Valley LGA-TFS
392018Decision Tree and Guidelines - Agriculture & Rural Zones (AK Consultants)
402018Guidelines for Identifying Areas of Interest (AK Consultants)
412018Guidelines for Scenic Values Assessment Methodology
422018Huon Valley Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018
432018Kermandie River Flood Study - Entura 19.020
442018Mountain River Flood Study - Entura 19.020
452018Priority Vegetation Area Overlay (LP1.7.5)(vsn10.5.18-R Knight)
462018Skinners Creek Flood Study - Entura 19.020
472018Huon Valley Arts and Culture Strategy 2018-2022 (amended)
482018Huon Valley Weed Management Strategy (2018-2023)
492018Local Heritage Review, Gray Planning
502018Guideline No.1 - Local Provisions Schedule Zone and Code Application
512019Huonville-Ranelagh Master Plan (Master Plan)(endorsed 17-4-2019)
522019Ranelagh Recreation Ground Master Plan (endorsed 27-5-2020)
532019Stormwater System Management Plan (endorsed 11-12-2019)
542019Huon Valley Council Decision - draft 2019 version of LPS
552020Huon Valley Community Plan 2020
562020Huon Valley Recreation Plan 2020 (endorsed 8-2020)
572020Cygnet Residential Demand and Supply Analysis (SGS)
582021Huon Valley Council Climate Change Strategy
592021Draft Huon Valley LPS – version sent to the Commission on 24 May 2021
602021Draft LPS Map Index, maps and overlays sent to Commission on 24 May 2021
612021Draft Huon Valley LPS – List of properties (version: November 2021)
622021Council Minutes – STRLUS amendment decision (31 March 2021)
632021Post Lodgement Documentation (Attachments 1, 2, 3, *4 & 5) (*the former version of the draft LPS considered at Council’s meeting on 22 May 2021)
642021Draft Notice under Section 35(5)(b) and Schedule 6, Clauses 8C(5)(a) and 8D(9)(a) of the LUPPA issued to the Planning Authority together with:
•Attachment A; and
•Attachment B.
652021Draft Huon Valley LPS submitted to the Commission (version: November 2021)
662021Draft LPS maps and overlays (version: November 2021)