2023/2024 Community Grant Program

The allocation has been expended for this financial year.  Please contact Council in September/October for further information on the 2024/2025 round.

Community Project grants build community capacity by supporting community-led projects.

Successful grant funded projects will:

  • Directly benefit the Huon Valley community,
  • Promote community connection,
  • Enhance the diversity of cultural, creative, health and well-being, recreational or social opportunities,
  • Develop partnerships between charities, community groups or other organisations,
  • Utilise local goods and services wherever possible,
  • Enhance the Huon Valley as a prosperous, vibrant, and caring community, and
  • Seed fund a sustainable program.

For further information please contact:

Huon Valley Council
Community Liaision Officer
Phone: (03) 6264 0300
Email: hvc@huonvalley.tas.gov.au

Grant Acquittal:

To acquit a previous grant, please complete the Community Grant Acquittal Form and send back to Council at the above email address.

2016/2017 Community Grants Recipients

Recipient: Cygnet Meals on Wheels

Project: Cygnet Depot

Approved Amount: $3,000.00

Description: Upgrade of Council Building

Recipient: Franklin Progress Association

Project: St Ayles Skiff Entertainment Festival

Approved Amount: $3,000.00

Description: Music entertainment associated with St Ayles Skiff Regatta

Recipient: Huon District Lions Christmas Parade

Project: Christmas Parade

Approved Amount: $869.00

Description: Christmas Parade

Recipient: Huon Valley Concert Band

Project: Acquisition of additional music

Approved Amount: $500.00

Description: Purchase additional music scores

Recipient: Huon Valley Dog Walking Association

Project: Dog Sports

Approved Amount: $1,550.00

Description: Purchase equipment to run regular dog sports

Recipient: Huon Valley Golf Club

Project: Practice Nets

Approved Amount: $3,000.00

Description: Construction of four bay practice nets

Recipient: Huon Valley State Emergency Service

Project: Samsung tablets and Bart app

Approved Amount: $1,673.00

Description: Purchase 3 x Samsung tablets and Bart app

Recipient: Port Cygnet Mens Shed

Project: Shed Extension

Approved Amount: $2,537.00

Description: To extend the existing shed

Recipient: University of the Third Age

Project: Positive Aging – flexible outreach

Approved Amount: $1,200.00

Description: Purchase presentation equipment

Recipient: Volunteer Marine Rescue

Project: Upgrade Safety Equipment

Approved Amount: $1,925.00

Description: Upgrade search & rescue equipment to the Volunteer Marine Rescue vessel

Recipient: Women on Wheels

Project: Huon Valley Women on Wheels Program

Approved Amount: $3,000.00

Description: Huon Valley WOW project offers women the opportunity to connect with bike riding and fitness

Recipient: Wooden Boat Centre

Project: Getting the Whaler on the Water

Approved Amount: $1,700.00

Description: Enable 1950’s Montague Whaler to return to the water

2017/2018 Community Grants Recipients

Recipient: Cygnet Bowls and Community Club

Project: Line Marker

Approved Amount: $726.00

Description: Purchase of a line marker to replace current chalk-marking practice


Recipient: Cygnet Primary School

Project: Playground Improvements

Approved Amount: $3,000.00

Description: Installation of new playground equipment


Recipient: Dover Community Workshop Inc

Project: Storage shed shelving

Approved Amount: $500.00

Description: Shelving fit out of external storage shed


Recipient: Dover District School

Project: Hall Furniture

Approved Amount: $3,000.00

Description: Tables and seating for meetings etc. in School Hall


Recipient: Franklin Working Waterfront Association Inc

Project: Energy efficiency: heat pump, window and insulation

Approved Amount: $2,500.00

Description: Installation of an energy efficient heating/cooling system in our tourism discovery centre and passisve system in the office to reduce electricity costs and for volunteer, staff and visitor amenity


Recipient: Huon & Channel Meals on Wheels

Project: Freezer

Approved Amount: $2,600.00

Description: Purchase of replacement freezer


Recipient: Huon RSL Sub-Branch Inc.

Project: Urn for kitchen

Approved Amount: $250.38

Description: Purchase of urn for kitchen as there is no current hot water supply


Recipient: Huon Valley Aquatic

Project: Huon Medal Meet

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Annual swimming event – grant to cover pool hire costs


Recipient: North Huon Cricket Club

Project: Under 13 uniforms

Approved Amount: $960.00

Description: Supply uniforms for reformed Under 13 junior side


Recipient: Port Cygnet Men’s Shed Inc

Project: Tool Sharpening System

Approved Amount: $749.00

Description: Purchase of professional tool sharpening system to maintain tools in good condition


Recipient: Sacred Heart Catholic School

Project: Frog Bog

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Creation of a “Frog Bog” garden with all necessary elements to enhance a naturally occurring wetland in school bushland


Recipient: Southern Tas Rescue inc.

Project: Huon Valley Stray Cat Trapping Program

Approved Amount: $983.00

Description: To trap stray cats in the Huon Valley and desex, microchip, vaccinate and rehome cats


Recipient: Tasmanian Trail Association Inc

Project: Trail remarking

Approved Amount: $1,805.07

Description: Supplies for replacement of trail markers from White Timber Mountain to Dover to ensure consistency throughout the State


Recipient: Uthando Project Tasmania

Project: Dolls for orphaned children in South Africa

Approved Amount: $378.00

Description: Purchase of materials to assist with ongoing costs of the project


Recipient: Friends of Randalls Bay Coastcare

Project: Echo Sugarloaf Nature Trail Stage 2

Approved Amount: $2,450.00

Description: Construction of low-impact nature trail within Echo Sugarloaf State Reserve

2018/2019 Community Grants Recipients

Recipient: Huon Domestic Violence Service

Project: Creativity and Calm Women’s Circle

Approved Amount: $ 1,663.00

Description: Empowering women after the bushfires in a safe space.


Recipient: Cygnet CWA

Project: Art of Preserving & Healthy Eating Workshops

Approved Amount: $ 537.00

Description: share the knowledge of the art of preserving, pickling and processing of food to the wider community


Recipient: Energy Future Team, Huonville High School

Project: Huon Valley Sustainable House Tour

Approved Amount: $ 475.00

Description: A sustainable house tour to engage the community


Recipient: Palliative Care Tasmania

Project: Life is Short: Plan Ahead!

Approved Amount: $ 200.00 – Council to support venue hire (Event Support) and Catering (Health and Wellbeing Program)

Description: A community info day for the older people of the Huon Valley to empower them with information on important topics so that they can make arrangements they want before the need arises and get on with living their best life.


Recipient: Cygnet Bowls & Community Club

Project: Surrounds Mower

Approved Amount: $ 965.00

Description: Purchase of a new surrounds mower for the club


Recipient: Dover Community Workshop

Project: Cleaner Air

Approved Amount: $ 999.00

Description: Installation of a clean air filter above woodworking area to remove hazardous fine wood dust particles which are known to be carcinogenic.


Recipient: Huon Valley Soccer Club

Project: Canteen Fitout

Approved Amount: $ 1,000.00

Description: Purchase of cooktop and range hood so that the canteen in the new clubrooms will be functional


Recipient: Edmund Rice Camps Tasmania

Project: Huon Valley Fire Response Services

Approved Amount: $ 900.00

Description: Running camp programs for children affected by the fires. Funding to be used to directly cover associated costs including catering, accommodation, activities, transport and volunteer training.


Recipient: Huon Valley Little Athletics

Project: New Clubrooms White Goods Fit out

Approved Amount: $ 1,000.00

Description: Purchase of whitegoods for upgraded clubrooms at athletics/soccer grounds


Recipient: Sacred Heart Catholic School

Project: Sacred Heart “Community” Science Fair

Approved Amount: $ 1,000.00

Description: School Science Fair during National Science Week


Recipient: Dover Community Workshop

Project: Tools Upgrade

Approved Amount: $ 724.54

Description: Replace Old Drills and Vital Items to Enhance Woodworking Area


Recipient: Port Cygnet Men’s Shed

Project: Scorby Tool Sharpening Equipment

Approved Amount: $ 677.00

Description: Extend The Capabilities of the Shed’s Tool Sharpening Machine


Recipient: Dover District High School

Project: Community Basketball Facilities

Approved Amount: $ 3,000.00

Description: Refurbish the Existing Outdoor Basketball Court for Community Use


Recipient: Huon Art Exhibition Group (HAEG)

Project: New Hanging System

Approved Amount: $ 2,000.00

Description: Replace Existing Screw Hooks with ‘Push Button Hooks’


Recipient: Upper Huon History Group

Project: Preservation Of Our History

Approved Amount: $ 996.00

Description: To Digitally Preserve the History of the Upper Huon are Through Photographic & Voice Records


Recipient: Huon Disability Network

Project: Marquee With Logo

Approved Amount: $ 989.75

Description: Make the Huon Disability Network Visible


Recipient: Huonville Men’s Shed

Project: Purchase Of Training Computer & Accessories

Approved Amount: $ 1,500.00

Description: Purchase of Computers & Accessories to Train Members on Computer Use


Recipient: Circular Economy

Project: Developing A Sustainable Community Composting Workshop

Approved Amount: $ 600.00

Description: Delivering Sustainable Composting Workshops


Recipient: Geeveston Golf Club Inc

Project: Defibrillator

Approved Amount: $ 1,500.00

Description: Installation Of Defibrillator at the Golf Course Clubhouse


Recipient: Huonville Football Club Past Players Officials & Supporters

Project: Defibrillator

Approved Amount: $ 1,275.00

Description: Installation Of Defibrillator at the Huonville Lions Football Clubrooms


Recipient: Scouts Australia Tasmanian Branch Huonville Scout Group

Project: Store Shelving

Approved Amount: $ 3,000.00

Description: Shelving & Storage for the Huonville Scout Group’s Equipment

2019/2020 Stronger Together Quick Response Community Grants Recipients

Recipient: Matthew Cameron

Project: Huon Valley Mountain Biking and Trail Development Club

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Developing a club with the specific objectives of enhancing mountain biking opportunities and creating mountain bike trails and infrastructure around the Huon Valley.

Category: Community


Recipient: Ruth Lindsell (Ripples Art Farm)

Project: Art in the Bush

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Interactive bush based art installation workshops: 1 x 6 children 9 – 12 years 1 x 6 youth 13 – 18 years

Category: Creative


Recipient: Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival

Project: VIRTUAL – Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: This year we’re pulling together a free LIVE STREAM version of the MidWinter Festival featuring the much-loved wassail, burning man, Tassie’s best folk-punk acts, the eclectic costume comp and tales tall and true.

Category: Creative


Recipient: Huonville High School

Project: Café Karma student training café – redevelopment

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: This project aims to rejuvenate the existing classroom style Café space at HHS to be able to offer a vibrant, authentic student learning and community meeting space.

Category: Youth


Recipient: Huon Art Exhibitions Group

Project: ‘Art in Pandemic’ – Online Exhibition

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: The project aims to create an opportunity to collate, show and offer the public art works for sale that have been produced during COVID-19.

Category: Creative


Recipient: Circular Economy

Project: Inspirational Huon Enterprises

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: This project will produce and widely distribute short videos that demonstrate how organisations in the Huon Valley are developing and applying creative and circular innovation.

Category: Creative


Recipient: Darren Lindsell

Project: Heart and Soul of the Huon Valley

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: A large (2.4 x 2.4m) burning heart mounted on a steel floating platform

Category: Creative


Recipient: Geeveston Girl Guides

Project: Geeveston Girl Guides at Home Project

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Providing Girl Guides resources and support to undertake fun activities safely at home for the benefit of their family units and vulnerable aged community members.

Category: Youth


Recipient: Robyn Kazada (Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Club)

Project: Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Club Art Exhibition

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: To host an Art Exhibition at Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Club comprising artwork from local area for the benefit of the bringing the local community and visitors.

Category: Creative


Recipient: Cygnet Folk Festival

Project: Cygnet Folk Festival Forty Year Retrospective

Approved Amount: $1,000.00


Category: Creative


Recipient: Geeveston Progress Association

Project: Geeveston Town Hall Public Toilet Mural Project

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: This project aims to enhance and add social value to the public toilet refurbishments by using the external walls as an iconically themed mural canvas.

Category: Creative


Recipient: Balfour House

Project: Chalk Haiku

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Community developed haiku poetry installed on walls, windows and paths of Cygnet and Huonville. Theme: COVID and ‘here and now’ using stencilled spray chalk (ephemeral).

Category: Creative


Recipient: Nel Smit – Huonville High School Energy Hub

Project: Building Climate Resilience: Local Skills Workshops

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: The Energy Hub will host a series of one- hour practical lunchtime workshops promoting sustainability practices, including energy efficiency, repair cafés, swap shop, food gardens and permaculture.

Category: Community


Recipient: Huon Disability Network (HDN)

Project: Huon Disability Network (HDN) Facilitated Strategic Planning Day

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: HDN committee and members to engage in a facilitated strategic planning day to develop an innovative strategic plan, that connects Huon residents living with disabilities and carer’s, in the Covid19 and post pandemic context.

Category: Community


Recipient: Geeveston Community Centre Inc. (GeCo)

Project: Creating for Our Future

Approved Amount: $1,000.00


Category: Creative


Recipient: Kathy O’Hara and Valarie Matsumoto (Letter of Offer Withdrawn by recipient)

Project: Billycart Bonanza

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: An entertaining, user-friendly motivational video directed at children and young people  demonstrating the making of a billy cart and encouraging hands on resourcefulness.

Category: Youth


Recipient: Huonville Bulls Cricket Club

Project: Huonville Bulls Cricket Club’s Junior and Women’s Program

Approved Amount: $700.00

Description: We are very focused and committed to extend our junior program from last year, as well as starting up a Women’s team for all ages.

Category: Youth


Recipient: Cygnet Community Children’s Centre Inc.

Project: Heartfelt in Nature

Approved Amount: $995.00

Description: We are promoting the Heartfelt project within our service, talking to our children and families about the importance of community and caring for each other and our world. Then we’d like to light up the display as part of the now at home winter festivals.

Category: Community


Recipient: Lady Jane Heritage Park

Project: St John’s Church Exhibition Lighting

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Installation of overhead lighting track and spotlights in St John’s Church, Franklin.  This will transform the interior, into a space ideal for cultural exhibitions, mounted by community artistic/historical groups.

Category: Community


Recipient: Playgroup Tas

Project: To Provide 2 Pop Up Playgroups

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: To provide 2 pop-up playgroup events in Huonville in term 4 in order to engage with families with young children and investigate opportunities for future community playgroups for 2021.

Category: Community


Recipient: Deb van Velzen, Living Boat Trust

Project: Mobile AED for the Huon Community

Approved Amount: $430.00

Description: An Automated External Defibrillator (AED or “defibrillator machine’) will be housed at the Living Boat Trust (LBT) Franklin, but bookable by Huon Community groups for free, to use at other sites and events.

Category: Community


Recipient: Huon Regional Care

Project: Craft Activities for Residents

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Huon Regional Care’s Leisure & Lifestyle team would like to apply for funding to purchase items to participate in the Huon Valley Heartfelt Project, along with additional craft and creative items for resident activities during the COVID-19 lockdown in aged care.

Category: Community


Recipient: Early Support for Parents

Project: Community Support Services – COVID19 Huon Valley

Approved Amount: $1,000.00


Category: Community


Recipient: Lucy Wilson & Quin Thomson

Project: Dark Clouds and Silver Lining

Approved Amount: $1,000.00


Category: Creative


Recipient: The Cygnet Association

Project: Cygnet District Walks – Maps & Notes

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: This project will research and document scenic and historic walks and provide paper maps and smart phone guides to encourage locals and visitors to enjoy and explore Cygnet’s beautiful walks.

Category: Community


Recipient: Dover and South Action Group (DASAG)

Project: Dover Community Hub

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Development of a community information hub to disseminate community and tourist information withing the Far South.

Category: Community


Recipient: Gai Anderson

Project: Taketina – Moving Medication for Mental Health

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: 4 x 2 hour Taketina moving- meditation sessions.  Two session in Cygnet and 2 in Geeveston.

Category: Community


Recipient: Dr L.J. Owen

Project: TAF2020 Huon Valley Children’s Short Story Competition

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: Develop and deliver an online short story competition for children (to age 16) in the Huon Valley.
2020 Theme: Female Detectives

Category: Youth


Recipient: Huonville Primary School

Project: Huonville Primary School Breakfast Club

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: During COVID-19 restrictions in Tasmania, the Huonville Primary School Breakfast Club shut down and requires additional funding to operate until the end of the 2020 school year.

Category: Community


Recipient: Chris Thompson

Project: Multilingual Tourism and Wineries App

Approved Amount: $1,000.00

Description: A suite of free Multi-platform mobile and desktop apps developed in cygnet showcasing local/national tourism and winery and related industries, implementing wine Australia’s recent $750,000 partnership with ATDW as part of the federal governments $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

Category: Community

2020/2021 Community Recovery Community Grants - Round 1 Recipients

Recipient: Port Esperance Sailing Club

Project: Port Esperance Regatta, Dover

Approved Amount: $ 2,000.00

Description: Port Esperance Sailing Club was destroyed by fire during the COVID-19 lockdown. This was devastating for our club and community. We are working hard to re-build, but need to provide a temporary venue for our Easter Regatta in 2021.

Category: Community


Recipient: Huon Anglican Church

Project: Livestream Huon Church Services and Events

Approved Amount: $ 1,294.27

Description: We’d like to purchase equipment which will enable us to livestream Church services and events for those who are unable to physically be there.

Category: Community


Recipient: Dover and South Action Group

Project: Community Film Night

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Free community screening of “Kiss the Ground” with pre-screening family friendly activities and sausage sizzle.

Category: Neighbourhood


Recipient: Ten Days on the Island

Project: Ten Days on the Island 2021 – Landscapes: A Chamber Music Journey

Approved Amount: $ 2,000.00

Description: Ten Days on the Island presents two music events in the Glen Huon Hall, part of its statewide Festival project If These Halls Could Talk.

Category: Event


Recipient: Dover Museum & Gallery

Project: Museum & Gallery bringing us Together

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: COVID has made so many of community members worried about out.  So we will be holding a small get together.

Category: Neighbourhood


Recipient: Port Huon Progress Association

Project: Relaunching the Port Huon Progress Association

Approved Amount: $ 380.00

Description: The Port Huon Progress Association wants to re-launch and re-engage with the community, especially new residents, and contribute to the community spirit of Port Huon.

Category: Neighbourhood


Recipient: Dover and South Action Group

Project: Dover Seafest 2021

Approved Amount: $ 1,350.00

Description: Dover Seafest is a free event that aims to build a stronger community, it is a great showcase for local producers and helps the tourism operators.

Category: Event


Recipient: Geeveston Community Centre Inc.

Project: Open Air Cinema – Geeveston

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Geeveston Community Centre would like to host an outdoor cinema evening at Heritage Park in Geeveston to support local people through a shared experience of fun.

Category: Neighbourhood


Recipient: Cygnet Community Arts Council

Project: Out of Haiku – Community Celebration

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Create a community get-together to re-establish, celebrate and build-upon the connections, creativity and community that developed during the Chalk Haiku (out of Covid) Project.

Category: Neighbourhood


Recipient: Salon

Project: Dark Cave: Sky Light

Approved Amount: $ 2,000.00

Description: A multi-voiced performance (of mythopoetic text DARK CAVE) with spoken, musical & choral elements interwoven through a silent audience procession around the atmospheric Tahune Airwalk.

Category: Creative


Recipient: Geeveston Community Centre Inc. – Scrubby Hill Farm

Project: Scrubby Hill Harm Allotment Tool Library

Approved Amount: $ 2,000.00

Description: Create a library of micro-farming tools to be used by community members working in the Scrubby Hill Farm Allotments growing food for Huon Valley community members.

Category: Community


Recipient: Lady Franklin Heritage Park Pty Ltd

Project: St John’s Church Art Exhibition Space

Approved Amount: $ 2,000.00

Description:  We seek funds to develop an art exhibition for community use.  We need easels for artists to work on and display their work.

Category: Creative


Recipient: Huonville Community Playgroup

Project: Huonville Community Playgroup Resource Kit

Approved Amount: $ 1,904.70

Description: Develop craft, music and story time resource kits to support the new community, volunteer run playgroup and enable it to provide a positive and engaging experience for local families.

Category: Community


Recipient: Damien English

Project: Huon Community Bonfire Night

Approved Amount: $ 2,000.00

Description: A not-for-profit event accessible to individuals and families of the Huon Valley.  Includes a Welcome to Country, bonfire, music and food trucks.

Category: Event


Recipient: Oura Oura House

Project: Oura Oura House Sewing Room – OH&S Project

Approved Amount: $ 1,825.80

Description: To develop and implement a context-specific set of OH&S policies and procedures tailored for the activities of the Oura Oura House Sewing Room.

Category: Community

2020/2021 Community Recovery Quick Response Grants - Round 2 Recipients

Recipient: Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Group

Project: Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Art Exhibition 2022

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description:  To host an Art Exhibition at Castle Forbes Bay Rec, Club comprising artwork from local area (adding a Family and Youth section) for the benefit of bringing the local community (existing, new and isolated) and visitors together.


Recipient: Huonville Men’s Shed

Project: Recreation Area Fitout

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Purchase of a BBQ to improve the social aspect of the HMS by bringing people together in an informal and friendly environment.


Recipient: Huon Valley PCYC

Project: Community Chit Chat Equipment

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: The Heart Foundation Walking Group already meet in the PCYC car-park on a Thursday morning and we would like to be able to offer our kitchen and equipment (at no cost to the participants) for them to catch up with other members, sit and have coffee, chat etc.  This will lead to additional inclusive socialisation and activities.


Recipient: Southport Community Centre

Project: ‘Past the Shallows’ Film Screening

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description:  The project is to screen ‘Past the Shallows’, at a special event complete with food, a paid bar and appearance by its talent.  This locally made experimental film is based on the celebrated novel of the same name depicting the story of a fractured family lost in the wilds of Tasmania’s Far South Coast.  The novel is set on Bruny Island and in the Far South.  The film is made in Southport.


Recipient: Anne Foley

Project: Community Garden & Pizza Pit

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Transforming an under utilised, but soundly designed and very well located, school garden into a flourishing, vibrant welcoming community garden that will facilitate community connections, relationships and learning opportunities from outside the school and within the school.


Recipient: Emma McAfee

Project: Montessori Parent Infant Program

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Sessions will inform families about the Montessori approach and how it can be applied in the home.  Sessions also facilitate interactions with and conversations about Montessori materials and practices in a socially dynamic space.


Recipient: Huon Folk Inc

Project: Cygnet Folk Festival Volunteers Meet & Greet

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: A meet and greet for existing and new festival volunteers to ask questions prior to signing up to volunteer for the 2022 Cygnet Folk Festival.


Recipient: GeCo

Project: Winter Together – Scrubby Hill Farm

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Will provide an opportunity for education and relationship development at Scrubby Hill Farm, bringing together to eat and enjoy winter produce.


Recipient: Oura Oura House

Project: Training workshop for Oura Oura – Aboriginal Thinking, culture and connection to place

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Oura Oura Enterprises will advertise for and invite volunteers to attend a workshop to train volunteers to staff the new place for Aboriginal thinking at Oura Oura House in Cygnet.


Recipient: Geeveston Girl Guides

Project: Centenary High Tea

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: A community high-tea celebrating 100 years of service to the Huon Valley by Geeveston Girl Guides.


Recipient: Marianna Segenhout

Project: Cygnet Playsit

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: A volunteer-run playgroup wanting to connect and support all types of families and Community Members living in and around the Cygnet area.


Recipient: Friends of Garden Island Creek

Project: Cultural Burning Workshop

Approved Amount: $ 485.00

Description: Indigenous expert Jason Smith will run a workshop to share knowledge of cultural burning practices with members of the Garden Island Creek community.


Recipient: Cygnet Seed Library

Project: Cygnet Seed Library – Seed Storage

Approved Amount: $ 250.00

Description: The seed library meets fortnightly – a free community group volunteering time to share locally grown and donated seeds and educate the community on seed sharing.


Recipient: MoodMission

Project:The Tassie Mental Health Week Comedy Roadshow

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: Three regionally based 1 hour comedy shows with Tasmanian comedians speaking their minds about mental health.


Recipient:Susan Wescott & Laura McGrow

Project:My Fabulous Coat – Women’s Winter Fashion Event

Approved Amount: $ 500.00

Description: This event will provide an opportunity for celebration and relationship building among women in the Huon Valley who will come together for an evening to share about the coat each attendee has brought, worn or possibly made.  In about 5 minutes or less, each woman will be able to ‘tell their coat story’, why they love it and what it means to them.