Huon Valley News

Further extension to Public comment period on Local Provisions Schedule

We’ve further extended the public representation (submission) period on the Draft Huon Valley Local Provisions Schedule. The closing date for representations is now 31 May 2022. We heard from some members of the community that the legislated 60-day period to make comment on the Local Provisions Schedule is not enough time to fully understand the implications of what is being proposed. In response to Council requests, the Tasmanian Planning Commission has granted us two successive 30 day extensions. The first extension allowing representations up until 30 April has now been further extended to 31 May 2022.

We also acknowledge the concern that some members of the community remain unaware of the planning scheme change. Council will now send a letter of notification to all affected ratepayers in line with the May 2019 Council Resolution.

Extensive information on the changes is available on Councils website. Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how the Draft Huon Valley Local Provisions Schedule may affect you and your property and the places you care about:

STEP ONE: Find out how your property is zoned and what codes apply to your property under the draft Local Provisions Schedule. You can do this by looking at the Mapping Portal or you can view the exhibition documents with all the maps here.

STEP TWO: Once you know the zones/codes, find out what this means for your property or places you care about by looking at the Tasmanian Planning Scheme/State Planning Provisions

STEP THREE: If you would like to compare the new zone with what you currently have, have a look at the current Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme

STEP FOUR: If you are satisfied with the zoning applied to your land you can either do nothing or communicate your satisfaction to Council.

STEP FIVE: If you are not satisfied, you will need to articulate what you do want and what you don’t want. You do this by writing a representation. Visit our Have Your Say page, scroll down to ‘How to make a statutory representation and what to include and not include’ for guidelines on how to do this.

STEP SIX: If you need help with making a representation engage an expert strategic planner to write your submission on your behalf (you can contact the Planning Institute of Australia – Tasmania branch to ask for a list of planners).

We’ve put together a couple of videos to assist you with understanding the process and how to make comparisons between the current interim scheme and the new planning scheme. This video is called “LPS Presentation 18 March?”