Waste Disposal Fees

Waste Management 2021/22 Fee
Wheelie Bin Administration Fee$29.00
Wheelie Bin Hitch$29.00
Waste Transfer Station Fees
Single garbage Bag (75 litres or less per bag)$6.00
2 x Garbage Bags (75 litre or less)$9.00
3 x garbage bags (75 litre or less)$12.00
Load (<1M3 load)$20.00
Loads greater than 1M3 per M3 rate$20.00
Clean fill Not acceptedNIL
Clean Concrete - Southbridge Only (per cubic metre) $13.50
Scrap metal - minimum charge (less than 1 cubic metre)$4.50
Scrap metal (per cubic metre)$9.00
Whole Car bodies - Huonville, Cygnet & Geeveston (not accepted at Dover)$65.00
Half car bodies ‚Äď Huonville, Cygnet & Geeveston (not accepted at Dover)$35.00
Car & Motorcycle tyres (per tyre)$8.00
Light Truck/four wheel drive tyres (per tyre)$14.00
Truck tyres (per tyre)$30.00
Super Single truck tyre$45.00
Small tractor tyre < 1m$140.00
Large tractor tyre 1m to 2m$245.00
Earth moving tyre/Very large tyres NIL
Removal of rim surcharge - (car tyre only)$7.50
Fridge or Air Conditioner without de-gassing certificate$44.00
Fridge or Air Conditioner with de-gassing certificate$9.50
Green Waste
Less than 1/2 cubic metre$8.00
Greater than 1/2M3 per M3 rate$12.00
Mulch sales - approx. 1 cubic metre$5.00
Timber Waste Including Furniture
Less than 1 cubic metre$24.00
Greater than 1M3 per M3 rate$24.00

No hazardous or inert waste or clean fill are accepted at any Waste Transfer Station
Other items are at the discretion of the site operator.