Huon Valley News

One hundred and thirty-four people attend public meeting

One hundred and thirty-four people attended the public meeting at The Palais Theatre Franklin that discussed the process undertaken by the Huon Valley Council for recruiting and appointing the new General Manager.

Eighteen motions were put forward at the meeting and eighteen were carried. Prior to the meeting Council received 35 submissions from 27 members of the public. The submissions and motions are available here. The minutes of the meeting are available here.

Mayor Bec Enders said some members of the community raised very serious concerns and want definitive actions to take place. 

“The Huon Valley is a very passionate and involved community who care about their community. This is why many people call the Huon Valley home. 

“Underpinning all Council’s communications are values of honesty, openness and clarity and this is what was demonstrated through facilitating a public meeting and listening to the community’s views on the matter.

“We heard a whole range of views expressed at the meeting. What happens now is a report will be written up containing the submissions and motions. This report will be presented for consideration at our next Council meeting on 23 February.”

Mayor Enders thanked former member of the Legislative Council Sue Smith for chairing the meeting and ensuring the voices of the community were heard in an appropriate manner.

The meeting was filmed and has been uploaded onto the Huon Valley Council’s YouTube channel.