Huon Valley News

Huon Valley Hub Garden

The mural of the black swans flying over the Huon River has quickly become an iconic feature of the streetscape in Huonville since Hobart artist Jamin completed it last November. We’re now about to start the second phase of the beautification and activation project for the township.

To complement the grand swan mural, we are landscaping the outdoor space of the Huon Valley Hub. It will include levelling and turf to sections, improvements to garden beds and a hard stand for ARTBOX. Inspired by the Outlook Concepts design, timber sculptural seating – resembling Aboriginal bark huts – will be a focal point of the park.

TasWater is kindly supporting the installation of a public drinking fountain in the space. The park will be closed while we undertake this work and we look forward to welcoming you back into the space as soon as we can.