Huon Valley News

Geeveston Medical Centre – Change in Opening Times

From January 2022 until the end of March the Geeveston Medical Centre will not be operating on Fridays. The centre will be open Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 16.30pm.

The decision has been made based on the availability of locums and associated costs. While we recognise the challenges of having only one GP available, financial sustainability of our practices is paramount.

In rural areas of Australia, communities are experiencing considerable GP shortages. The federal and state governments are working together to encourage rural medicine. Likewise, we are continuing our work in recruiting for general practitioners to provide services across both our practices (in Geeveston and in Dover).

Of course, if you happen to know a GP looking for a change, then let them know about how wonderful it is to live and work in the Huon Valley.

We will monitor how things are going and review the decision in February. If you have any concerns please contact the practice manager on 6264 0300.

The ongoing support of our staff from the community has been outstanding and we thank you all for your understanding and patience.