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Frequently Asked Questions: Geeveston Waste Transfer Station

Q: When is Geeveston WTS Closing?

A: Sunday 2 April 2023 was the last day of operation, with the site closed from 3 April 2023 onwards.

Q: Why is Geeveston WTS Closing?

A: The closure of Geeveston WTS is an action which Council committed to in its Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2022-2025. Two key reasons the site had to close was the declining use and that the site is on a historic landfill which requires work to better manage legacy impacts.

Q: Was the Geeveston WTS used regularly?

A: Site use has seen a gradual decline since 2010, with low visitation of just 3 customers per hour of operation in that timeframe.

Q: Will rates and charges drop now that the site is closing?

A: No, the closure of the site allows Council to invest in heightened environmental management and our flagship site at Southbridge WTS. Closing the site helps reduce cost increases rather than reduce current costs.

Q: Could Council have invested in upgrades to the Geeveston WTS instead?

A: The siteworks that would be required to bring the site to a good standard would have been very costly, including a new operator’s booth and plumbing installation. This scale of investment is simply unjustifiable for a site with low and declining use, and as such has not been fully costed due to its inappropriateness.

Q: What is going to happen with the site now?

A: Council will be working to manage the historic landfill at the site, including leachate management and increased ground and surface water monitoring. Alternate uses for the site are being investigated, such as the feasibility of a local in-vessel composting facility.

Q: Why can’t Council have more waste transfer stations?

A: Waste transfer stations incur substantial operating costs. To spread Council resources over many transfer sites would not be cost effective, resulting in higher rates, and reduce the level of service we are able to provide at each site. Transfer stations can no longer be considered a simple dumping ground like they may have been in the past. They require careful environmental management and for best practice should offer a range of waste avoidance and resource recovery activities.

Q: What is Council doing to offset the impacts to waste servicing?

A: Council will be extending the kerbside service to an additional 217 properties in Geeveston and surrounds, as well as extending the opening hours of Southbridge WTS.

Q: Where is the kerbside service extending?

A: The kerbside service will extend up to the following addresses:

  • 431 Arve Road, Geeveston
  • 197 Kermandie River Road, Geeveston
  • All of Esperance Coast Road
  • 7556 Huon Highway, Strathblane
  • 288 Narrows Road, Strathblane

Q: Why wasn’t my street included in the kerbside extension?

A: This extension is focused on offsetting the impact of closing the Geeveston WTS, and can only occur on roads where a truck can safely turn and the density of housing makes kerbside service feasible.

Q: Will there be more kerbside extensions?

A: Yes, council has additional streets marked for public consultation for kerbside waste services in May 2023.

Q: Where can I find more information?

A: Media-Release-Closure-of-Geeveston-Waste-Transfer-Station.pdf (
Media-Release-Huon-Valley-Kerbside-Waste-Collection-Update-1.pdf (