Huon Valley News

Flash flooding in the Huon Valley

Heavy rainfall caused flash flooding throughout the Huon Valley at the weekend. The State Emergency Service (SES) said it responded to 65 requests for assistance in our region alone.

Mountain River received 125 mm of rain within 24 hours, 80 mm at Grove and Hartz Mountains 135 mm. Leon Smith from SES said on ABC Hobart this morning it was high rainfall values running across the ground which caused flash flooding. These significant volumes of water caused damage to roads, houses and bridges.

Impact assessment and repairs to damaged roads are a priority for us. Pelverata Rd is the only road currently closed. A Bailey Bridge is being installed and we expect to reopen the road later today (Tuesday). We’ve crews working in Geeveston and Maxfields Rd near Franklin. We have a grader crew at New Rd in Franklin today and we have fixed sink holes on Duponts Rd and Cygnet Coast Rd.

Our infrastructure department is prioritising works based on greatest need. Events such as this emphasise the importance of drain works especially considering climate science which tells us that we need to consider this type of storm as the new normal. Drainage is one of our focus areas, however this storm demonstrated widespread capacity limitations which need to be addressed through our asset management planning process.

Rain and showers are predicted for the rest of the week. We urge people to be careful while driving. Watch out for landslides, trees down on roads and sinkholes.

You can help by reporting to us any major damage that they see by calling us on (03) 6264 0300 or email

We will keep bringing you updates on planned works as we progress with impact assessments and repairs.

If your home, business or property has been significantly impacted by the flooding, Holly Hansen, Recovery Support Officer with the National Recovery and Resilience Agency, would love to chat to you.

Holly is gathering information about the extent of damage in order to establish whether Disaster Recovery Assistance is required. Please contact her on or send her a text on 0417 253 665.

Photo: Mick Lowenstein