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Feasibility studies support the proposed Huonville to Franklin Shared Pathway

Newly completed feasibility studies on the proposed Huon Valley Shared Pathway show that the project would bring numerous social, recreational and economic benefits to the Huon Valley.

The findings of both studies show that the pathway could become a significant walking, cycling and kayaking trail for the region, separately focussing on:

We now have strong evidence that the pathway, as a key recreational link, would provide health and wellbeing benefits for Huon residents and boost economic activity as a drawcard for visitors.

The studies provide a solid evidence base for Council to carry this project forward, through grant applications and lobbying efforts for State and Federal investment.

At its 26 August Ordinary Meeting, Council agreed it would consider listing the pathway or sections of the pathway as a future election strategy project or stimulus package funding. Council also committed to progressing actions to enable the future development of the pathway.

Huon Valley Council thanks the State Government for funding the feasibility studies for this project.