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Expresssions of Interest: Farmgate Blitz trial project

The Huon Valley Food Hub is inviting Expressions of Interest from Huon Valley residents, community groups and businesses to participate in our ‘Farmgate Blitz’ trial project.

The ‘Farmgate Blitz’ project is the Huon Valley Food Hub’s first priority project aiming to address the project’s priority theme – ‘Local regenerative food economy and abundance’. The project aims to address the need for diversity of produce grown in a regenerative way to create a vibrant and abundant local economy.

The project will consist of conducting 10 farmgate ‘blitzes’ to enable farmers to be regenerative producers. Project participants will become part of a small-scale growing movement, contributing to diversifying the produce grown in the Valley, and creating a community of knowledgeable regenerative farmers and distributors. Local farmers will be engaged to provide mentorship/training at each ‘blitz’ event, with community members invited to attend to learn by doing!

‘Blitz’ participants will need to be able to demonstrate their suitability to be part of the project by meeting a series of criteria. We invite interested members to lodge an Expressions of Interest addressing the skills, knowledge and experience, and provide property details, photos and a map of the farm/site for consideration.

Applications are open now, and close at 5pm, 31 August 2022.

Farmgate Blitz – Expression of interest guidelines (PDF, 406KB)

Farmgate Blitzes will begin from mid-September 2022, and conclude in December 2022.

Photo: Andrew Wilson