Huon Valley News

Electric Vehicle Fast Charger for Cygnet

We have successfully obtained a $30,000 grant to have an electric vehicle (EV) fast charging station installed in Cygnet. Once installed this will make it the third EV charger in the Huon Valley.
Providing fast and reliable charging options for residents and visitors to the Huon Valley is crucial for encouraging Tasmanians to drive an electric vehicle and reduce their greenhouse emissions. It is also a part of our Climate Change Strategy.
We are partnering with Electric Highway Tasmania (EHT) for design, installation, and operation of the public charger. It is planned for the charger to be located behind the Cygnet Town Hall, a short distance to the central business district services and retail outlets.
The Tasmanian Government’s Electric Vehicle ChargeSmart Grants Program is helping to support electric vehicle uptake throughout Tasmania.
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