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Council and Kindy class visit lightning struck Glen Huon tree

This week, Council staff met with the Kindy class of Glen Huon Primary to talk through their questions about the tree that was struck by lightning in October.

Some of the children’s burning concerns were around the welfare of the tree, many wondering if “the tree doctor tried to fix it”, whether it will survive, and if it will “get extra water to help it grow better again”. Another popular question was “Why is the tree red in the middle? Is it because of the lightning?”.

Our Coordinator of Parks and Reserves took the time to unpack each curious question and delicately explain the answers so everyone could understand and learn.

The children were relieved to hear that we are hopeful the tree will survive, and that the tree doctor (arborist) has tried to fix it – evidenced by the 3 bolts that can be seen from the ground, bracing and supporting the top of the tree. The tree will be given more water during the dry season and it is red inside because it is a “Giant Redwood”, planted just after World War 1.

There was great excitement when a bundle of kids size reflective vests came out. Each child received their own special vest and a little name tag which marked them as “tree inspectors”.

Although the tree will require yearly inspections and maintenance, the tree is still living and is expected to live for many years.

Thank you to the Kindy class of Glen Huon Primary for your concern about the tree and for reaching out with your important questions and concerns.