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What do you want for the future of Huonville? It’s time to get involved and make it happen!

Now’s the time to share your ideas for what you want to see and do in Huonville to make it a more active, connected and vibrant place.

Have Your Say

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Creating great places is something that everyone can contribute to.

We’ll be discussing this and how the community can help make Huonville even better in 2021. One of the approaches is to form a Town Team – a group of local residents, landowners and businesses working together to improve their place.

There are already 54 teams around Australia and Huonville would be the perfect pilot location for the next team, with opportunities for Town Teams to form in other locations around the Valley in 2021!

The Town Team model brings businesses and residents together to share ideas and work collaboratively to improve their local area, with the support of the council.

The Town Team approach is inclusive, creative and fun, with opportunities to connect with town teams in neighbouring areas. You can read more about it on the Town Team Movement website.

Sign up for updates now or contact us on (03) 6264 0300 or hvc@huonvalley.tas.gov.au.


Key Dates

  • 3/12/2020 Town Team consultation opens

Project Cycle

  1. Discovery Phase
  2. Engagement Phase
  3. Enabling Phase
  4. Doing Phase
  5. Mentoring Phase