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Geeveston Town Hall Lift Project


Council received funding through the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program. Council identified the Geeveston Town Hall lift project as one of 13 project that would benefit the community.

The Geeveston Town Hall lift project was identified in 2020 through community engagement as a crucial community asset for the revitalisation of the Geeveston Town Hall.

The lift will make it easier for people of all ages and abilities to come to events held upstairs, such as exhibitions and social functions. For exhibitioners, artists, caterers and users of the Hall upstairs, this means access for all of their equipment and work can now be moved safely via the lift, making the Hall as a hire venue much more attractive beyond those living and working in the Huon Valley.


September 2021

Work has commenced on the installation of a lift in the Geeveston Town Hall.


Key Dates

  • 1/5/2021 Building permit submitted
  • 23/8/2021 Works commenced

Project Cycle

  1. Building permit submitted
  2. Approvals granted
  3. Lift ordered
  4. Construction commences
  5. Project complete