Huon Valley News

Coastal Weed Warning – Rice Grass

A new and potentially devastating weed has recently been detected in the Huon and D’Entrecasteaux Channel waterway.

Known as an “ecosystem transformer”, rice grass (Spartina anglica) forms dense and impenetrable mats that trap silt and destroy beaches and coastal habitats.

This summer, Huon Valley Council will work with Kingborough Council and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service to search bays and coastlines to try and eradicate the rice grass threat.

Have you seen it?

  • Rice grass grows on muddy tidal flats and saltmarsh habitats.
  • Look for a light green, reedy grass up to 1m in height (can be much shorter when first establishing).
  • Yellow flowers grow in spikes from late spring – summer.
  • Leaves spread out at almost a right angle from thick stems.
  • Plants grow close together to form dense, spreading mats that can survive inundation.

With your help, we can prevent this devastating weed from establishing in our local waterway.

Urgently report potential rice grass sightings to:

Huon Valley Council
Natural Resource Management Unit
Phone (03) 6264 0300

This project is supported through funding from the Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund, a $5 million Tasmanian Government initiative funded until 2024. The funds provided by the Tasmanian Government are being invested with landholders, land managers, and other organisations to tackle weeds that are impacting valuable agricultural and environmental assets.