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ARTBOX’s ‘100 Stories of Adamsons Peak’ launched in Dover

ARTBOX has arrived in Dover with a stunning new exhibition created by Ruth Lindsell, artist in residence at Dover District School, students from Dover District School, and local guest photographer Kristie Knight.

‘100 Stories of Adamsons Peak’ explores the many different moods of the iconic Huon Valley mountain, using a range of mediums to reflect the different views, seasons, and times of day.

“I have continued to visit the school regularly, engaging with the students of the Art Elective group to create their own stories of Adamson Peak,” said Ruth.

“In addition to the students’ and my work, we have asked Kristie Knight to exhibit some of her photographs alongside us to share in the storytelling of a truly beautiful and captivating aspect of living in the Huon Valley.

“Adamsons Peak, whilst dominating the Dover landscape, also is viewed and held in reverence from many vantage points across the Huon Valley.”

A small opening event was held last Friday, attended by the artists and the Chair of the Arts & Culture Committee, Christine Campbell, to celebrate the exhibition.

You will find ARTBOX on the Huon Highway, adjacent to the Dover Cenotaph.

‘100 stories of Adamson’s Peak’ will be on show from 11 December to 27 January.

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From left: Lydia Eastley, who provided an Acknowledgement of Country for the occasion, with photographer Kristie Knight, Arts & Culture Committee Chair Cr Christine Campbell, and artist Ruth Lindsell