Huon Valley News

Access to Southbridge Waste Transfer Station

The access to the Southbridge Waste Transfer Station will change as of this Monday as works get underway on the relocation of the Huon Highway junction at Southbridge.

The roadworks are expected to take approximately 8 weeks. During this time, the existing access will be closed, and all traffic will enter the site from the new entrance to the south. A detour from the new entrance to the re-use shop will be in place during the works (please see the temporary access route below).

The junction realignment was nominated as part of the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program. In the last 5 years, 6 serious accidents, including one fatality have occurred at this black spot. Relocating and reconfiguring the junction will make entry and exit safer for all road users.

The project includes relocating the junction 60 meters south of the existing junction and reconfiguration to provide a larger turning area, safer queuing along an off-highway internal road and turn channels on the Huon Highway.