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12 TO 24: Huon Valley Youth launch

Huon Valley Youth Services has rebranded and developed a new way of working with young people in the valley.

A frank conversation revealed that young people were feeling disconnected and left out of Council processes and decision making. 12 to 24: Huon Valley Youth represents the next evolution of how the Huon Valley Council will be working with youth.

The new model involves Council working alongside youth, working with their ideas, dreams, goals, and motivations for living in the Huon Valley. To come up with a different model our Youth Development Officer Mitchell Robson worked with young people using a co-design approach; one that was more empowering and inclusive.

A youth working group was established and they discussed a new way to meet and discuss matters, new ways to educate and support youth, and a brand that speaks to youth living in the Huon Valley. Young people who have been involved in the working group have said that they now feel heard and valued. In their words:

“Being part of 12 to 24 helps my voice be heard as a young person and I can also take in other young people’s opinions and bring them forth.”

“Young people want to connect and find a sense of community, not rebel. 12 to 24 provides connection and community.”

The youth working group will work together on campaigns to help young people make more informed decisions and address issues which impact the lives of their peers living in the Huon Valley.

“Essentially it’s about finding ways to help youth feel more confident and live happier lives in the valley,” Mitch said.

Photo: The Huon Valley Youth Working Group (Front Row: Corben, Wade & Kai, Middle Row: Alex, Todd, Mitch & Zeke), Cr Robert Prince & Simon Azon-Jacometti (Salvation Army Bridge Program) at the launch of 12 to 24 and publishing the first “Better Choices” message for youth.