Planning & Subdivision Fees

Fees can be paid at the Council’s Customer Service Centre during business hours. Please contact us directly with additional questions.

Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993
Section 33 Planning Scheme Amendment Fee$3,000.00 or 0.012% of estimated project construction cost which ever is greater, plus Planning Scheme Amendment Advertising Fee. 25% refund if not initiated pursuant to section 34
Section 43A Application Fee - Use and Development Associated with - section 33 ApplicationSame Fees as Sec33 Planning Scheme Amendment Fee plus Applicable Development Application Fee
Section 30 IA Application Fee - Urgent Amendment Fee$1,000.00
Section 53(5A) Application for Extension of time$289.00
Section 43K Application Fee - Minor amendment to Permit$357.00
Section 43I(4A) - 53 Substantial Commencement Assessment Fee$300.00
Use or Development
Section 57 Advertising - Notification Fee$262.00#
Section 57 Advertising - Notification Fee (Level - Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 Level - Activity)$874.00#
Application for Forestry activities (includes advertising)$874.00#
Section 56 Application Fee - Minor amendment to Permit
Request to amend approved Permit conditions (Sec56 LUPAA) - Permitted Use$280.00
Request to amend approved Permit conditions (Sec56 LUPAA) - Discretionary Use - plus, where Use or Development exceeding $200,000 in project value - for Subdivisions, %5 of the original application fee including the original advertising costs. $280.00
Use and Development Assessment fee
Pre-lodgement Assessment - No Permit Required$150.00
Single Residential Dwelling - permitted (Sec58 LUPAA)$350.00
Single Residential Dwelling - discretionary (Sec57 LUPAA)$480.00
Other ?permitted? development of - minor nature including outbuilding (Sec58 LUPAA)$230.00
Permitted Signage (Sec58 LUPPA)$150.00
Discretionary Signage (Sec57 LUPAA)$300.00
Change of use No development - Permitted (Sec58 LUPAA)$320.00
Change of use No Development - Discretionary (Sec57 LUPAA)$450.00
Other Development - Change of Use with Development Fee (Sec57 - 58 LUPAA) based on the projected project costs plus advertising
$0 to $199,999$500.00
Development $200,000-$999,999$711.00
Development $1,000,000-$1,999,999$1,311.00
Development $2,000,000-$3,499,999$1,913.00
Development $3,500,000-$4,999,999$3,551.00
Development greater than $5,000,000$6,556.00
Part - Agreement (Section 71 LUPAA) Assessment Fee
Part - Assessment Fee - Part - Agreement$180.00
Part - Drafting Fee - Part - Agreement$600.00
Section 74(3) Application Fee - Ending of Part - Agreement$150.00
Section 75 Application Fee - Part - Agreement Amendment$300.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Scanning of Plans and Documents A4-A3 (per application)$15.00#
Electronic delivery of plans - documents$5.00#
Subdivision and Re-organisation of Boundaries (includes Applicaitons lodged under Sec115 LGBMP)$554.00
- Plus per lot including balance$71.00
- Plus section 57 of LUPAA Advertising Fee$262.00#
Minor boundary adjustment (as per Part C.9 - Clause9.3.1 HVIPS2015) Sec58 LUPAA$300.00
Section 89 Assessment Fee - Additional inspection(s) resulting from work not complying with Planning Permit - Includes both Planning and Infrastructure related inspections$160.00#
Sealing Final Plan
Sealing of final plan (per final plan) (Sec89 LGBMP)$250.00
- Plus per lot including balance$36.00
Section 90 Application Fee - Certificate of Non-application of Subdivision requirements$300.00#
Section 110 Application Fee - Adhesion Order$300.00
Section 110 Discharge of Adhesion Order$300.00
Consideration and sealing of documentation (not listed elsewhere on this schedule, including adhesion order, cancellation of adhesion, cancellation of Council Seal)$250.00
Sealed Plan Amendments
Section 103 Application Fee - Petition to Amend - Sealed Plan$328.00
Section 115 Application Fee - Exemption (Includes application for exemption and certification of plan)$554.00
- Plus per lot including balance$71.00
Miscellaneous Fee - Investigation (Substantial Commencement or Condition Compliance)$160.00#
Strata Titles Act 1998
Section 30(a) Application Fee - Certificate or approval for Strata Plan$350.00
- Plus per unit$128.00
Inspection Fee (per Inspection)$160.00#
Amendment, Consolidation, - Cancellation to Strata Plan (Sec 30b,c,d STA)$250.00
Section 36 Application Fee - Staged Strata$300.00
- Plus per stage$150.00
Section 42 Application Fee - Variation of Staged Development Scheme$250.00
Section 53 Application Fee - Certificate of approval in principle of Community Development Scheme$300.00
- Plus per stage$150.00
Section 58 Application Fee - Variation of Community Development Scheme$250.00
Pre-Sealed Plan Lodgement Assessment (does not include inspection Fee)$100.00
Section 30(5) Assessment Fee - Strata Plan, Staged Development - Community Development, additional inspection(s) resulting from work not complying with relevant Planning Permit $197.00#
Miscellaneous Fee - Electronic delivery of plans - documents$15.00#
Miscellaneous Fee - Postage - handling of plans - documents$5.00#
Any Application seeking to authorise use or development already undertaken or opperating without prior approval issued under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 and has been subject to - Compliance OrderDouble the normally applicable planning fee including advertising fee
Development/Subdivision Fees - Approval of an engineering plan for works for compliance with the requirements of - Planning Permit (whether works are to be taken over by Council or not)2% of the contract value of the construction works or 2% of the estimated cost of the engineering works as prepared by the Consulting Engineer if - contract has not been let
Minimum $500.00
Inspection Fee - Other$165.00#
Additional Engineering inspection(s) due to incomplete work$197.00#
Permit to carry out works in - road reservation$85.00
Community Infrastructure Contribution - Per dwelling, Unit or Lot created (Stormwater works) $1,315.00