Jetties and boat ramps

Public marine facilities in the Huon Valley:

  • Abels Bay: jetty
  • Catamaran: boat ramp (Parks and Wildlife)
  • Charlotte Cove: jetty and boat ramp
  • Cradoc/Ferry Road: jetty and boat ramp
  • Cygnet/Lymington: jetty and boat ramp
  • Deep Bay: boat ramp and breakwater
  • Dover: jetty and boat ramp
  • Eggs & Bacon Bay: beach launching area (Parks and Wildlife)
  • Franklin Foreshore: jetty and boat ramp
  • Glaziers Bay: fishing platform
  • Huonville – Coolstore Road: jetty
  • Huonville Foreshore: boat ramp and pontoon
  • Huonville Foreshore: fishing platform
  • Judbury: kayak platform (Calvert Park)
  • Police Point/Granny Gibbons Bay: boat ramp
  • Ranelagh: kayak platform (Helen St)
  • Shipwrights Point: jetty and boat ramp
  • Shipwrights Point: fixed jetty
  • Southport: jetty and boat ramp
  • Surveyors Bay: jetty and boat ramp
  • Verona Sands: beach launching area (Parks and Wildlife)

Biosecurity Reminder: Arrive at your destination with clean vehicles and equipment. Review the activities you have in place to avoid the spreading, and to protect your property, from weeds, pests and diseases.

  • Check for any source of contamination (soil, mud, water, plant material)
  • Clean your gear
  • Dry it thoroughly to deprive the nasties of the moisture they need to survive. Drying is often tricky in Tasmania – especially with gear like neoprene waders, which take at least 48 hrs to dry.
  • Disinfect. If there’s any doubt that your gear will dry completely treat it with a disinfectant such as F10 (a biodegradable, low toxicity veterinary disinfectant available from NRM South).

For more information please follow the link to our legislation and by-laws page located here