Legislation and by-laws

The Huon Valley Council currently has the following by-laws made under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993.

Caravan By-law 2015

Caravan By-law 2015

The purpose of this by-law is regulating and controlling occupation of caravans in the Huon Valley.

Council Land & Recreational Facilities By-law 2017

Council Land & Recreational Facilities By-law 2017

The purpose of this by-law is control and management of Council land and recreational facilities.

Miscellaneous Amendments By-law 2021

Miscellaneous Amendments By-law

This is a by-law to amend the Waste Management By-law 2012, the Caravan By-law 2015 and the Council Land and Recreational Facilities By-law 2017.

Roads (Local Highways) By-law 2014

Roads (Local Highways) By-law 2014

This by-law is prescribes the standard requirements for the construction of local highways and crossings and regulates and controls conduct on and use of the roads in the Huon Valley.

Waste Management By-law 2012

Waste Management By-law 2012

The purpose of this by-law is to set up a system for regulating the disposal and collection of waste and the management of waste management facilities (including waste transfer stations and the Southbridge Re-Use Shop) and the kerbside collection service for domestic waste and recyclables.

Other Legislation

Local Government Act 1993

Boundary Fences Act 1908

Huon Valley Council does not get involved in matters between neighbours over boundary fences. Council will only become involved if the property is adjoining Council land or if the fence requires a planning or building permit.

Boundary fences are regulated through the Boundary Fences Act 1908. If you and your neighbour cannot come to an agreement, you may need to obtain independent legal advice.

Tasmania Legal Aid provides a useful fact sheet that outlines the responsibilities of each party and the processes to follow for seeking boundary fence contributions.

Neighbourhood Disputes About Plants Act 2017

The Neighbourhood Disputes about Plants Act 2017 establishes a cost-effective, efficient and accessible statutory scheme for the resolution of neighbourhood disputes relating to plants.

The Act outlines the responsibilities of landowners in respect to plants. These include:

  • severing and removing any branches of the plant that overhang another area of land;
  • ensuring that a plant does not cause serious injury to a person or another area of land;
  • ensuring that a plant does not cause serious damage to another area of land or any property on land; and
  • ensuring that a plant does not cause substantial, ongoing and unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of another area of land.

For more information visit the Department of Justice website.