Huon Valley News

Council Meeting Wrap Up – November 2023

Our monthly Ordinary Meeting of Council was held on Wednesday 29 November 2023.

The full meeting agenda, supporting documents and video recording can be found on our website’s Meetings, Agendas and Minutes page (scroll down to Past Meetings and select the November meeting).

Key items discussed included:

Public Question Time included questions related to the amount of herbicides Council sprays per year, Future of Local Government review (FOLG), no spray register, former GM, stormwater drainage on Main Street Huonville, DarkLab project, glyphosate usage, incoming complaint handling, and expired strategies.

General Reports:

  • General Manager’s Operational Report
  • Mayor Doyle Activities Report (October)
  • Monthly Councillor Allowance Table (October)
  • 2023-2024 Annual Plan Quarterly Implementation Report (Quarter 1)
  • Southern Employment and Training Network Progress Report
  • Huon Valley and Kingborough Workforce Planning Study (final report)


Councillors had the opportunity to attend 3 workshops on 15 November 2023 regarding Transformer Project update, Land Use Development Strategy (LUDS) and Independent Living Review completion.

Open Reports:

  • Resolved – Proposed schedule of ordinary meetings of Council and Annual General Meeting dates for 2024
  • Resolved – Draft Tasmania Fire and Emergency Service Bill 2023
  • Deferred – Draft Managing Unacceptable Customer Behaviour Policy and procedure and administrative review and update of Customer Service Charter
  • Resolved – Review of Statement of Expectations
  • Resolved – Development Assessment Panel (DAP) Framework position paper
  • Resolved – Financial Report
  • Resolved – Proposal to formalise road names
  • Resolved – Status report – outstanding rates debtors
  • Resolved – HR policies review

Items addressed in Closed Council:  

  • General Reports