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Huon Valley Hub


The Council at its August 2020 Ordinary Meeting resolved to establish a Community Hub at the site of the former Visitor Information Centre.

The Huon Valley Hub is located on the lower level of 23 Main Street, Huonville and includes the vacant land located adjacent at 25 Main Street, Huonville.  The Hub is located central to the public transport, services and businesses. Council is opening the community hub in Huonville, in the 23–25 Main Street building, to provide a space for Huon Valley community members to meet, connect with others, find out how to access services, and take part in social activities and workshops. The Hub will help recovery in our community – it will support people to feel connected and welcomed to access the care and support they need. This includes people who may never have had to seek support before.

Examples of activities include;

  • Health promotion, education and awareness displays, workshops and presentations
  • Community Events such as rural health week, harmony week, seniors week
  • Give it a go/come and try programs, aimed at increasing participation
  • Parenting programs
  • Positive Ageing programs and activities such as Cuppa conversations, games and activities
  • Exhibitions such as arts and history
  • Writers and Artists in residence
  • Meetings for various Huon Valley Committees and Network Groups
  • Youth Activities program
  • Life Learning lessons
  • Skill sharing program
  • Service Providers Network
  • Skills introduction workshops

Council’s Community Services department will be located upstairs, so they will be able to connect more directly with the community.

A community-led space – Council will engage with the community on an ongoing basis to ensure the Huon Valley Hub is shaped by and for the community.

Project Cycle

  1. Planning approvals
  2. Establishment of Hub
  3. Opening
  4. Collaboration with Community