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Weed of the Month (November): Brooms

English broom (Cytisus scoparius) and canary broom (Genista monspessulana) are swift invaders of bare ground, where they can form dense thickets that take over pasture or bushland. Hard-coated seeds are produced in pods that split open in summer, flinging the seeds up to 5m away. The seeds can last for a long time in the soil, making broom a tricky weed to stop.

Brooms are declared weeds, and landowners are required by law to contain broom on their land. A 10m weed-free boundary along fence lines will stop broom from spreading to your neighbour’s property. Thoroughly cleaning any mowers, slashers, or earth-moving machinery that has been used in a broom-infested area will also help prevent this weed from spreading.

Have you seen it?

  • Upright shrubs about 2m–3m tall, with bright yellow pea-type flowers
  • English broom has five-sided stems that lose leaves in winter, and flowers that grow singly and sometimes have a hint of red
  • Canary broom has leaves all year round, and flowers that grow in clusters of three to seven

You can help stop the spread of this weed in the Huon Valley.

For advice on how to manage this weed:
Weed Management Officer
(03) 6264 9439

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