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Weed of the Month (March): Karamu

A New Zealand native, karamu (Coprosma robusta) was introduced to Australia as a nursery plant in the late 1800s. Karamu has since established itself in a handful of sites in Tasmania, where it poses a serious threat due to its ability to invade undisturbed native forest.

In the Huon Valley, karamu threatens a range of lowland forest types, coastal vegetation, and especially riverside areas, where it forms dense stands that outcompete all other plants.

Karamu is restricted to only a few sites in Tasmania, so complete eradication is still possible. In the Huon Valley, the weed is known to occur only along the Kermandie River near Geeveston. Council is working with stakeholders to develop an eradication plan for karamu in the Geeveston area.

We need your help to eradicate this weed from the Huon Valley.

Please report local sightings to Council:
Weed Management Officer
(03) 6264 0300

Information on weed management, including developing your own weed management plan, can be found on our Weeds and the Huon Valley webpage.

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