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Weed of the Month (January): Ragwort

Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) is a widespread weed in Southern Tasmania that readily invades poorly managed and disturbed areas. It can swiftly establish itself and outcompete desirable plants, reducing pasture productivity.

Ragwort is highly toxic to cattle and horses, especially when consumed in silage or dried hay. Seed is spread by wind, so any ragwort on your property can easily spread to neighbouring properties and beyond.

Have you seen it?

  • Starts as a rosette of leaves with irregular, deeply lobed edges
  • Leaf stems may be purple at the base
  • Upright flowering stems form in summer, when the rosette leaves die off
  • Bright yellow daisy flowers form in dense bunches at the top of the flowering stalk

Please report local sightings to Council:
(03) 6264 9439

Information on weed management, including developing your own weed management plan, can be found on our Weeds and the Huon Valley webpage.

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