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Weed of the Month (February): African Feather Grass

African feather grass (Cenchrus macrourus) is an aggressive invader of roadsides, riverbanks and pastures. Growing in dense clumps, this weed excludes all other plants, can completely block waterways, and when dry can create a fire hazard.

African feather grass is rare in Tasmania, and only known to occur in the Huon and Derwent Valleys.

In 2021, Huon Valley Council is working with Eco Works Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife Service Officers to completely eradicate this weed from the Huon Valley. Over summer and autumn, properties in Judbury, Glen Huon and Huonville will be surveyed for undiscovered infestations, and the Eco Works team will be paddling the Huon River to control plants growing on the banks.

Have you seen it?

  • Tussock-forming grass to 2m high
  • Leaves have a long sheath at the base, with skin-irritating hairs at leaf nodes
  • Flowers are long and thin, starting off brown then fading to white
  • Plants produce flowers in late spring to late summer

To ensure we’ve completely eradicated this weed, we need to find every last plant.

If you think you’ve seen African feather grass, please report to Council:

(03) 6264 9439

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