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Weed of the Month (December): African feather grass

African feather grass (Cenchrus macrourus) is an aggressive invader of roadsides, waste areas, riverbanks and pastures. Dense infestations of this weed outcompete other plants and can completely block waterways, and when dry create a fire hazard.

African feather grass is an uncommon weed in Tasmania, only occurring in the Huon and Derwent Valleys. In the Huon it is known to grow in a few scattered roadside locations, and on the banks of the Huon River.

African Feather GrassAfrican Feather Grass

Have you seen it?

  • Large, tussock-forming grass to 2m high
  • Leaves are light green above and grey-green below, with irritating hairs at the base
  • Flower heads are long and thin, pale brown to white
    Flowers are produced in late spring to summer

Please report local sightings to Council:
(03) 6264 9439

Information on weed management, including developing your own weed management plan, can be found on our Weeds and the Huon Valley webpage.

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