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Video: ARTBOX exhibition explores the magic of Tasmania’s wilderness

Currently on display in ARTBOX and at the Huon Valley Hub is a series of evocative images by local artist Emma Coombes.

Called Deadwood, the exhibition draws inspiration from the Huon landscape and the fallen trees and dead branches that serve as a home for wildlife. And, how this environment can inspire our imaginations.

“[It’s] a place that’s imbued with fairy tale magic and … it just conjures up so much possibility.”

Emma’s work uses digital photography, often combining several images to make a final composite image.

Deadwood will be on exhibition until 2 June 2023 at the Huon Valley Hub, Huonville and at ARTBOX currently located in Tennis Court Road, Huonville.

Join the artist for a talk at 3pm on Saturday 20 May 2023 at the Huon Valley Hub.

ARTBOX is an initiative of Huon Valley Council.