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Supporting National Road Safety Week 2024: Drive So Others Survive

Huon Valley Council, together with Tasmania Police, are actively participating in this year’s National Road Safety Week.

This year, Tasmania is the host of National Road Safety Week and some of our iconic Tasmanian landmarks will be illuminated in yellow each night to honour the lives affected by road trauma.

Each year in May, National Road Safety Week reminds drivers of the importance of taking care of one another and choosing to Drive So Others Survive.

National Road Safety Week is an initiative of the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group.


The initiative came about after the tragic and unnecessary loss of Sarah Frazer in February 2012. Sarah, who was 23 at the time, broke down on her way to university. After pulling into the emergency breakdown lane, she called for assistance. As the tow truck was hooking up her car, a truck sideswiped the broken-down car and collided with the pair, killing them both instantly.

The aim of the SARAH Group is to increase awareness of the impact of traffic death and injury, and urging Australian drivers to take responsibility for safer driving by Driving So Others Survive.

On our Tasmanian roads alone, approximately 30 people lose their lives each year while another 300 are seriously injured.


“These numbers can certainly be reduced if people make a conscious decision to drive responsibly and be part of the reason others get home safely to their loved ones,” said Huon Valley Mayor Sally Doyle.

“We are appealing to our Huon Valley community to commit to the pledge, to Drive So Others Survive,” said Mayor Doyle.

The pledge is simple:

I pledge to drive as if my loved ones are on the road ahead.

I will remove all distractions and never use my mobile phone while driving.

I will not put other people at risk by speeding, driving while tired or under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

I will protect all vulnerable road users, especially those whose job places them in harm’s way, by slowing down and giving them the space they need to be safe.

“When you see those yellow ribbon stickers on the back of vehicles, let it be a reminder of your pledge, to slow down, remain vigilant and look out for those around you on the road,” concluded Mayor Doyle.


Huon Valley Council will be hosting a lunchtime barbeque for staff during National Road Safety Week. Inspector Colin Riley will be in attendance to discuss road injury statistics and help raise awareness of the initiative, encouraging staff to take the pledge and Drive So Others Survive.

A free community sausage sizzle will be happening on Friday 10 May from 3pm at Black Swan Park in Huonville. Huon Aquaculture will also be in attendance cooking up free fish tacos for all to enjoy! Everyone is welcome to attend.


Inspector Colin Riley said police will be conducting both visible and covert operations to detect and prosecute drivers who aren’t complying with the road rules.

“Collaboration between police and the community is essential to keeping our neighbourhoods safe,” he said.

Members of the public are encouraged to contact police if they witness reckless driving, hooning behaviour or other driving offences.

Information can be provided by calling police on 131 444 or submitting footage or other evidence to our online portal at, but in an emergency, always call Triple-Zero (000).

“Thankfully we haven’t had any crash fatalities in our area this year, and there has been a significant decrease in serious crashes. We need to continue this trend, and work together to apprehend those people who risk the safety of others on our roads.”

Did you know

Police have the power to clamp vehicles used in hooning incidents for up to 9 months, and in certain circumstances can have seized vehicles crushed and destroyed.