Children’s Services

A range of childcare options catering for children aged from 6 weeks to 12 years are provided to families throughout the Huon Valley.

A strategic focus on the provision of quality, sustainable and flexible childcare has seen Huon Valley Children’s Services establish a reputation as an industry leader.

Our vision

A service which recognises the diversity of families in the Huon Valley and which supports each family unit with quality choices

Our mission

The Huon Valley Council Children’s Services program exists to provide care, learning and support services for the benefit of the child, the family and the community.

Our service philosophy

Huon Valley Council Children’s Services acknowledges that the formation of a partnership between the service and each child’s family is central to providing quality education and care. The family is the most important influence in a child’s life. The family is their first and most influential teacher and is the primary source of information about their child. Strong linkages between education and care and home are imperative to positive outcomes.

Huon Valley Council’s Childrens Services supports a play-based curriculum that supports self-motivated learning, problem solving, social skill development, creativity and curiosity. We acknowledge that the curriculum involves everything in the education and care environment from the materials and support provided to each interaction of another.

We believe that good early and middle years educators carefully observe children and respond by providing opportunities to extend their learning while ensuring that there is continuity and progression in the experiences offered.

Play involves diversity and choice. Over-regimentation in planning and instruction limits children’s opportunities to develop self-discipline and responsibility. With rigid rules and simple unchangeable right answers.

Play has a high degree of self-motivation, free choice and spontaneity. The child is focused more on the process of playing than the end product, so the play may flow in various direction as it takes place rather than follow a plan that must be strictly adhered to.

Educators plan for children to explore independently, to discover, and to learn by applying the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework and/or the Framework for School Age Care to their work.

Educators do this by using children’s play ideas to nudge, challenge or guide each child in ways that expand their own capacity to learn, in turn increasing their confidence in themselves as learners.

Responding to children at play means working out:

  • When to stand back and give children room to get on with their own learning
  • When to drop in some ideas or objects that might extend their play usefully
  • And when to intervene more strongly and guide them more directly

We believe that play is a context for learning life qualities such as:

  • Self motivation and being able to make own choices and act on them, within reasonable and fair boundaries
  • Being able to balance individual freedom and social co-operation, negotiation and responsibility for the welfare of others
  • Being able to reflect on and learn from own mistakes with courage and confidence in themselves as learners

We believe that training and development provides a means of maintaining and upgrading skills and knowledge and we are committed to ongoing professional development of all educators.

We believe that in multicultural Australia we need citizens whose minds and attitudes can cross back and forth over cultural lines, encompass more than one perspective and acknowledge that there can be more than one right way.

The service philosophy and goals is underpinned by the Centre Based Care philosophy and individual goals.

Our service goals

  • Support children to learn about themselves and the world around them. 
  • Acknowledge the importance of play in a child’s learning experiences.
  • Provide play experiences that have a high degree of self-motivation, free choice and spontaneity whereby the child and staff is focused more on the processes than the end product
  • Provide an environment conductive to both child paced learning and child initiated discovery
  • Reflect quality and innovation at all times
  • Facilitate opportunities for adult learning throughout the community
  • Respond and be flexible to meet the changing needs of the community
  • Offer cost-effective services that reflect the individual needs of the families within the region
  • To employ educators with a dedication to the provision of responsive, respectful and challenging learning environments for children
  • For all stakeholders to initiate and maintain clear concise communication that conveys respect and promotes equity.

Each education and care setting respects the child as an individual.


To feel secure and comfortable, to trust their environments, make friendships and to feel part of the group.


To experience pride and self confidence, develop independence and self control and to have a positive attitude towards life. 


To become confident learners by trying out their own ideas and experiencing success and by acquiring thinking skills such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions and use words to describe their ideas, observations and feelings. 


To increase their large and small muscles and feel confident in what their bodies can do.

Bookings and more information

Bookings can be made by phoning Children’s Services office on 6264 0333. At the time of your first booking you will need to allow time for your family enrolment. It takes about 30 minutes and allows us to exchange information to allow for you and your children to settle into the program smoothly.

Please bring along your child or children to the enrolment so that you both can see and talk about what is offered at our centre. We encourage a settle program for you and your child as they commence care, please speak to the staff to find out more.

There is a family enrolment fee of $30 to enrol with the service and we will also require a copy of the enrolling child’s or children’s immunisation details.

Childrens Services Booking Enquiry

Please complete details or phone 03 6264 0333
  • Contact will be made during business hours
  • Please list age of child with their name
  • Hold down control key to select multiple days
  • Please list any other question you may have

Staff training and development

A strong commitment to ongoing staff training and development is demonstrated with regular development sessions delivered onsite to the staff. Each staff member has a professional and personal development plan in place which is reviewed on an annual basis.

We are a flexible and understanding workplace, supporting our staff to balance work, home, study and family commitments. Accredited training and traineeships are offered onsite.

Enrolment Form

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